Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anthro Summer Dresses!!

Yay! It's the sale day!!

I wanted the Florid Diamonds Dress but it wasn't in my NEED list. I didn't buy it when it got the first cut.. then today, it got the second cut! I knew it would! :D

Here is the quick fitting photo! I wanted to try it on at the store but my daughter told me not to go in..lol so I just had to buy it and try at home.

It comes with a ribbon(?) to tie back or around the waist but it doesn't really work.. I mean if I try to use it, the dress didn't look good. So I took it off, and used a belt instead.

Should I keep the dress??

I bought this belt also. Does anyone know the name of the belt?
The retail # 18903021 Originaly $34 and bought for $19.95.

There are some dresses that I LOVE!!
The Winsor Knot Dress went on sale while I was in Japan. I love the knot detail!!

The Tied Down Dress and the Take Action Dress are still full price.  I was hoping to get PA today but oh well.. I love them so much... I don't say this often.. but..they are worth full price!!

These two items are on the way from Oregon (Seamingly Maxi) and New York (Eastpointe Garden Top)!!
Anthro canceled my order of the Seamingly Maxi, so I called stores and had it charge send!

I hope they will arrive safely...

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  1. トップスかわいい!Take Action、わたしもセールになると思って買ったのに。。。もうPAできない~。

  2. 笑 だよね 売り切れなりそうだし・・店舗にはもうないし・・

  3. Winsor Knot Dress, Tied Down Dress, and Take Action Dress are gorgeous! This first one is so so compared to the other three.

  4. Ping, WOW!! You are amazing!
    Yes!! That's true!! I LOVE those three dresses but the first one, not that much.
    I am gonna return it!! and I'll save the $$$ for the LOVE ones!!
    Thank you soooooooooo much!!

  5. That is the Three Beacons Belt. I'm surprised I remembered it, because I don't have it.

    You look so much better in the Winsor Knot than me. I can't blame you for returning it. The other two dresses are just more Anthro unique. Plus they are designed with more versatility in styling.

  6. Laura, I returned the the Florid Diamonds Dress!! I feel better doing it. lol But... I found another belt... I knew you'd find the name of the belt! You are super!!!

  7. Lovely collection and I like also this belt. The style was quite simple yet gorgeous. Big thanks for sharing.


    1. you are welcome! And thank you for leaving a comment :)