Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yes!! I finally got my hair done!!
日本語の読者の皆さん★ 写真見てね♪

It's been couple months since I had a trim and color...

Every time I go back to Japan, I go this wonderful salon in Kyoto, Hair Qril that does special head spa!! I found the salon when I lived there with my husband ( I was pregnant ) and since then it's my favorite relaxation spot!!

They are amazing! I had to bring my daughter with me and his wife (his assistant) was watching her whole time!
I brought a laptop with bunch of kids show but half of the time, she was playing around with her..

This is my hair color before it's done.

I have lots of hair and they are thick!
I got many many layers. :)

Then color..I like bright orange color and he knows what I like.

Around this time, my daughter started to walk around..

Head spa

Special mud hair treatment with aroma steam after shampoo. I am addicted to this spa..

I was totally relaxed until..


Then head massage. O-M-G! I was in heaven.

After the head spa, I moved back to the seat, then gave me a head-shoulder-back massage which I also love. This whole thing (spa & massage) takes about 30 minutes.

I was amazed how he set my hair! He used dryer but never used a brush!! And made some amazing curl around my face.

I love the color and the shine!!

If you ever plan to go to Kyoto.... Go there!!
Shampoo, cut , color, plus head spa, aaaaaaaaaaaand amazing massage, it was only like 15000yen!!!!!! (No tip required in Japan!! If you want to tip them... buy something!! lol)

シャンプー、カット、カラー、プラス 究極の泥トリートメント(アロマスチームつき) それからマッサージもちょ~~~~~~~~~最高で・・ 15000円くらいでしたよ!!!

京都に行ったらぜひぜひっ 私は日本に帰るたびに行ってます!!!



They are AMAZING!!!


  1. You look amazing! And looks like you had a great experience too - good salons are hard to find.

  2. You look wonderful! It's too bad this salon is so far away! But if I'm ever in Kyoto, I'll remember to squeeze a visit in my itinerary....

  3. That looks and sounds amazing! Great results too - your hair is very pretty.

  4. Keiko, This is the first time I have ever seen your entire face. You are gorgeous. And I'm not just talking about your hair.

    Yay for your P&P Boots in Japan.

  5. Lisa, Carol, Kristin, Laura,
    Thank you!! I was so refreshed after the salon! Too bad I had to take a 9 hour flight after that.. I need another massage! :D

  6. けいこさんー、私大学のとき京阪三条駅のちかくにすんでたから、このへんよく行っていたよ!もしかしたら会ってたりして。市役所駅ちかくの古レコード屋とか、烏丸御池のうどん屋とかで友達とまったりしていたな~。懐かしい。私はよく木屋町(多分もう潰れた)と四条のMod's hairでスパしていたよ。泥スパは未経験だから今度日本帰ったら寄ってみるかも。

  7. みっちーさん
    そうなんですね~♪ 世間は狭い・・・笑