Thursday, April 14, 2011

Belts for styling long torso :)

Yesterday, I went to return the Florid Diamonds Dress and  the Billie Shirt. They were "okay, maybe I like it?". There are SO MANY amazing pieces at Anthropologie, I should just get what I love!

Thank you for Ping that reminded me that in the last post comment!

But then.. I went to check out the sale room (yes, I went there and I found another belt I want in my closet! I actually wanted this belt in brown but they were gone and I bought a brown belt yesterday, and this green was very attractive!

Tumbled & Forged Belt $29.95 (was $58)
Oh and thanks to Laura, I found the photo of the belt I bought yesterday :)
Three Beacons Belt $19.95 (was $34)
And I actually bought this yesterday but forgot to mention.
All Hours Belt $19.95 (was $32)
I am obsessed with Anthro belts actually. I like the detail, color, and material.

Because... I have a long torso.. and Tyra Banks in America's Next Top Model was teaching us how to style all the different body types and for long torso, belt was the key item! Ha Ha! I am that simple :)

I missed out on the Season's End belt when it hit on sale. Although.. it is full price again and my size S is GONE! If you see it in your store, please let me know!! I had never seen it in my local Anthro!!
Season's End belt $58 (buy here)

And I am waiting for this to go on sale. :D

Enchanting Eyes Belt $54 (buy here)

BTW, I received the maxi skirt from Portland, OR.

Seamingly Maxi $98 (Sold Out online)

I ordered my normal size small, but I think I can go for XS. It is very long.. If I wear heels, that'd be fine but otherwise... 

I am searching XS, if you see any, please let me know!


  1. I have a long torso too, so I live for my belts! Without them, I'm a round potato sack in most dresses!

    I'll keep an eye out for the Season's End belt for you!

  2. Hi Keiko, you are welcome. Actually I always buy something that are not quite great but have nice sale price. I also need others to point it out to me, because I cannot realize it myself.
    BTW, the green belt looks very unique, I can see it goes well with a lot of colors.

  3. Alissa, Thank you! Belts are the key for me as well!! I should probably call CS for the belt's location!!

    Ping, yeah.. I feel like I have to buy everything when it hit 2nd cut or 3rd cut.. You were the great help!! You should blog about your shopping, so I can do the same to you!! :)