Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I missed you, Anthropologie

I think everyone is curious what I bought in Japan.
I only bought two pairs of shorts besides a Gucci bag.
I didn't have much time to shop around, and there are so many things I want from Anthro still!!

I have been looking for lacy shorts for a long time (I think it was last spring/summer trend in Japan) and I finally found them!! Good quality, not too short, not too long!! I had to buy two different colors!

And of course, I didn't miss out Anthro sale while I was there. I secretly ordered these...

Navy Days Crops
Pleats Galore Crops
Seamed & Slouched Crops
Winsor Knot Dress

I feel like wearing more pants than skirts these days...

And yesterday, I scored these!!

Billie Shirt
Maryam Tank

Then I stopped at J.Crew...

Camp pocket cardigan
This will be very useful item this spring!!

There are two dresses from Anthropologie that I REALLY love .. I already can't find them at my local store, and seems like they don't have many in stock online. I had to order them before they are gone!!!!!!!!!!!

And this was a pop back!! YAY!!


This will be the last shopping for me this season.

While I was in Japan, I didn't have many clothes to wear ( I didn't bring many ) and I still managed to dress up and down.
I came home, looked at my closet.. WOW there are SO MANY clothes!! There are things I haven't even worn since I purchased. I love them enough that I don't want to return...




Top: Urban Outfitters
Pants: New York & Company
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. Those shorts are so pretty! I am looking forward to seeing how you style them. You picked up some great items from Anthro as well:)

  2. I love the Winsor Knot Dress!
    How do you plan to wear the Maxi skirt? I really love Maxi dress, but never could find the proper occations to wear them except for vacation.
    In terms of the shopping addict... I always feel that I have to buy them, because they are so pretty... And for me shopping is a way to relax, when I am in high pressure of working, I shop way much more...

  3. kristin, yeah, I can't wait to wear them too :D
    A friend of mine was wearing them with tights and boots in winter! and that was really cute too!! They are gonna be worn in all seasons!!

    Ping, oh! I wear Maxi when I feel lazy! Any day! When I don't have time to think what to wear, I just pick a maxi dress and wear sandals!

    I feel the same way about shopping. They are so pretty that I have to have them....

  4. ショーツめっちゃかわいいですね。2色とも使ったコーデみたいです。

  5. そういえば、Keikoさんのブログで見たFree People のミントグリーンのセーターとAnthroのキャミのコーデがすっごくかわいかったので同じもの購入してしまいました♪

  6. みっちーさん

    昨日ミントグリーンの着ようと思ったら腕のところに穴が開いてて・・テンション下がりました 笑 内側から縫ったら目立たなくなりましたが・・

  7. I tried the Winsor Knot while you were away. It didn't like my GIRLS very much. I bet it looks great on you.

    I'm commenting out of Chronological order on your Posts. Don't really know why.

    Where is the Gucci! And I'm expecting an OOTD in those Lacey Ivory Shorts with your Tatted Necklace.

  8. Laura,
    I already have a photo of e in that dress! I'll post it this Tuesday with other dresses!!!

    Oh, the necklace and shorts!! That is a great idea!!