Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Curried Heels

I had time for a fashion show this morning!!

Here are the outfits I tried with the Curried Heels.

I tried yellow instead of red on the Stormy Seas Chemise this time. I like the red version better, though...

I'd wear these for a party or wedding.

Tried with pants. The first one is more like.. my outfit last year..
The last outfit is my favorite. :)

If you have any good outfit idea, let me know!!!

I didn't have time to take OOTD photo but I have these cute photos of my daughter with her new Gymboree dress! <3


  1. Your daughter is so adorable! I love her sunglasses and her cute little poses.

    The curried heels are gorgeous. I like each and every outfit you put together. The shoes go so well with the Take Action dress!

  2. Kristin>
    Thank you <3 She is the love of my life.
    My brother-in-law's wedding is in July and I might attend. If so, I so want to wear Take Action with Curried Heels!! Hope nobody else would be there in the dress..

  3. She is the sweetest little thing in sunglasses I have ever seen.

    OMG! I just got my Take Action Dress. Please, can I borrow those Chie Mihara's for a few days. They are the cat's MEOW with this dress. I imagine they would look good with my Mompos too. Maybe I should try CS for a search. You scored one fine pair of shoes. Are you a true believer?