Sunday, May 8, 2011

☆Happy Mother's Day☆

Happy Mother's Day! to every moms!! and wow, I am a mom too!!

My daughter makes me smile everyday, even when she is asleep. How can she be so cute??

The other day, she said.. "Where is Gigi (her cousin)?"
and I said, "She is at school."

She asked me several times in the day, and my answer was always the same.

Then she said around 4pm. "Is Gigi's school over already?"
I was surprised that she even said that. When and how is she able to talk that well??

Then... she said..

"I want to go to school too."

舞里は毎日私を笑顔にさせてくれる。 寝てても笑顔にさせてくれる。 なんでそんなに可愛いの??

こないだ、舞里が ”Gigi (舞里のいとこ) どこ?” ってきくから




That brought a tear to my eyes.

When did she become a kid?? My little baby says she wants to go to school. I had never imagined it'd happen so quickly. I am grateful that she is growing up with good health, but on the other hand, I feel little lonely.

My dear little angel...


いつのまにそんなに成長したの?? 私の可愛い赤ちゃんが、学校に行きたいって。。 こんなに早くそんな日が来ると思わなかったよ。


Btw, the whole conversation between me and my daughter was in Japanese. :)
I talk to her in Japanese mostly (90% JP 10%ENG) and my husband talks to her in English. She is pretty good at speaking both languages so far!! 

Today's Outfit

Dress: Anthropologie
Socks: Japan
Sandals: Diego di Lucca
Necklace: Vintage
Bag: Gucci

And this was yesterday's <3

Sweater Free People
Shorts: Japan
Boots: Steve Madden
Amethyst Necklace: Free People
Necklace: Vintage (Gift from Laura)


  1. Oh my your daughter is so cute!! And yes they do grow up very fast, but at least when ur daughter goes to school, u can get a break =) I am sure it is very tough to be on the lookout 24/7. and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  2. Awww, Happy Mother's day! Enjoy it:)

  3. Wow! That second outfit is so sexy. I knew you would pair the necklace with those lace shorts. Excellent choice. It brings attention to the small necklace. I'm so happy you love it.

    Your daughter is a gem. I just love that she will be bilingual. They grow up fast. When she goes off to school, you will wish you had another.

    Happy late Mom's Day! Laura