Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not really...

Well, it is Anthro sale day but NOTHING I wanted went on sale..

But of course I went to the store to check out what's out there!

I ended up getting another pair of shoes for full price and a belt from sale room. :) Man, I should have bought these shoes with my birthday discount!!! That'd save me $20!??

 Finest Hour Heels $158

Finely Braided Belt $19.95 (was $28)

I had a great find last week btw!


The Neapolitan Cowlneck Top was only $10!! Wooohooo!! And the Temperate Climes Pullover. I like it but I may return it since I am spending so much with shoes these days...

My local store had these in the sale room this morning!

I still haven't decided what to wear with my Curried Heels..

But here is the photo of the heels!!


  1. I've been eyeballing the finest hour heels since it first came out! I can't believe its still not on sale lol, it might sold out by then. but I already paid full price for the nelumbo kitten heels, i cant afford to buy another full priced pair =(

  2. I know!! I was hoping they'd go on sale today!! I had them in my shopping bag! I wanted to make sure what size I should get. I tried them on, and they are cuter on! I also tried the Taupe-Tied Booties but since the Finest Hour Heels is almost sold out online, I had to grab them!!
    They are both TTS although most of the time on Miss Albright, I have to size down 1/2.
    I am hoping to get PA!! coz I want the booties too!

  3. I just checked anthropologie online and they don't even list the finest hour heels anymore! =O

    did you like the nelumbo kitten heels? its also by miss albright

  4. Oh those Curried Heels are fabulous!

  5. Cindi>
    Since the sale this week was kind of big and there were many shoes markdown I don't think they will go on sale next week..boo! I got online Birthday code today! I so wanna buy the Taupe-Tied Booties! BUT THEY HAVE TO BE ON SALE!!

    The Nelumbo Kitten Heels, I like the design and everything but heels.. I can't carry my daughter with those pin heels ><

    Oh, yes! They are gorgeous!!