Monday, May 23, 2011

Pop-back purchases!!

Hello ladies! Happy Memorial Day! eh.. oh, is it next Monday?
My husband told me it's today. I totally believed it and thought it was a holiday today..

Anyways, last Tuesday wasn't a big fun for me. I was so excited and ready to spend $$ but the sale was .. bleh..

But guess what!? I have bought two pop-back items last week!!
I haven't received my Tuesday order yet, but I already received one of the pop-back purchases!!

Man, shipping is soooo expensive... I had to order those two separately because I found them in the different days. Shipping cost about 10 bucks each... But I think that online garments are way cleaner than in store, especially sale items, so maybe it's worth it? hmm..

Remember the Soft Soaring Sweater that I had it charge send but it never went through??

I suppose I was meant to have it!!

I found it in my wishlist, but it was still the 1st cut price and wasn't sure if I still wanted.
So I called 1-800 number and ordered it.
Phone orders takes a while to process, so if someone buy it while they are processing, my order will be canceled. That was a little gamble for me.  :P

Took about 24 hours until they sent me the confirmation mail!!

Uh-oh! I bought it. lol

It arrived today this afternoon.
It is beautiful and warm!! I don't love it at this point, but I am sure I will.

If it gets a 2nd cut tomorrow, or next week.. that would be fantastico! :) :)

Another pop-back item I purchased.. was the Thatch Palm Blazer in green.

It is still full price but under $100 for a jacket isn't that bad.
AAAAAAAAAND this beautiful green is killing me!!!
All sizes in green has been sold out but the other day I was browsing Anthropologie (well, I do that quite often), I saw a popback in my size!

I ordered it with the Fortunella Belt in turquoise.

I should have ordered the belt on Tuesday with my birthday discount... but that time, it wasn't in my shopping bag (lots of items that didn't make it to sale were in it!!)

I am pretty happy with the pop-back purchases and I am not so excited about tomorrow's sale.

If I could get PA from both of those, I might consider shopping more.. but most of the items that I have in my MUST HAVE wishlist are new items. 

I will start shopping my closet like Kim!! I NEED TO!!

Do you think I can sit back tomorrow's sale???
(My daughter has a fever, so maybe that could be another reason not to go to Anthro tomorrow!!)


  1. Great job! FYI, I think the Soft Soaring Sweater got a second cut already in stores to $20 or $30. Take in your receipt and ask them to check for a PA!

  2. LC> OMG! really!!?? wooooooooooooooooot!!

  3. Congrats on the popbacks! I love it when that happens. That green blazer looks great - what an awesome color.

  4. Kristin>
    I am so lucky! The blazer went on sale! I can get PA both items!! Woooohoo!

  5. Hi Keiko,

    Adore the Jacket. I would love to have the Green one. You are so lucky to catch that Pop Back. I am considering the Navy color.

    I ordered the Fortunella Belt in TURQ last week. It was a little off for me. None of the previous reviewers on Anthro mentioned this, but the pointed disk doesn't face straight out. I think it's because the leather is a different thickness on each side of the disk. It points off to one side.

    I got the Retro Rose Cardigan and the Astral Plains Top from sale.

    I hope your belt is perfect. Can't wait to see your outfit for the Green Thatched Palm Blazer.

  6. I'm so glad you got your sweater in the end! I've had a few charge-sends that failed on the follow through and it's always a bit sad after you were hunting down an item.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  7. Laura>
    I just received the pig tales today!! I will take photos asap! They look so cute!

    I was so lucky to get those two popbacks.. and they both gave me PA back!! YAY!!

    Miley didn't have a fever this morning!! She is doing ok!!! and I went to Anthro this morning.. uh oh.. lol

    I know!! It was actually $19!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you believe it!!!??
    My daughter is doing well! She is asleep now though!! Thank you <3