Tuesday, May 17, 2011

really, really, really, BIG??

Finally, May 17th, Anthro Tag sale has arrived!!!

The sale was up last night around 11PM and I ordered most of the stuff I wanted from this sale online since I had my birthday discount code. (YES! I got both in store and online birthday discount!)

It was a bit disappointing.. Didn't seem like it was much bigger than normal sale..

and this morning, I received this in the mail.

not really..

but maybe, there are some great finds in stores?? Well, my local store is opening an hour early!! There must be something!!



I woke up early. I went to the store around 9:15am. There were some muffins, fruits, coffee... yeah that's really nice.. but... there wasn't anything so special about it.

I went through sale items but couldn't find anything that attracts me, so I started to look around the new items in the store. lol  (But I guess that's the main reason they have sales, right?)

I ended up getting the Sugar Work Skirt from sale (I got $80 back! The Finest Hour Heels went on sale today!)  and I left the store.

Sugar Work Skirt

These are what I ordered online.

 Memory Keeper Drops 

 Taupe-Tied Booties

 Salome Wedges

The Salome Wedges aren't even on sale but they look beautiful online and they aren't that expensive, plus I get 15%off from the order, so why not? :)

What did everyone get today? Are you happy with the Tag sale???


  1. I was disappointed in the sale too. I was so excited when I woke up, and when I opened my wishlist, not a single item made it to sale. Bummer! I did stop by my store and ended up getting the sugar work skirt (so glad I tried it on - it's a beautiful skirt).

  2. I got the taupe tied booties too!!! YAY!! =D

    But I totally agree, I woke up earlier than I would have liked, hope to be majorly disappointed, but at least a got the pair of shoes I was tempted to buy full price!

  3. Kristin>
    Yeah! We did the same thing, huh! The skirt was still expensive for me, but since there was nothing I wanted in store.. I had to get the skirt. lol You looked so cute in the skirt!! I can't wait to wear it out <3

    Happy wallet.. yeah I know.. but I had my birthday discount code and I was so ready to spend big money!! I hope next Tuesday is something good.

    I can't wait to receive them in the mail!! I liked them because they are something I could wear all season!!