Saturday, May 21, 2011

Recent Outfits .. I am 34!!

Top & Belt: H&M
Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Steve Madden
Top: H&M
Pants & Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Chie Mihara (Anthropologie)
Necklace: Forever21

I LOVE Anthro's Finest Hour Heels by Miss Albright! I bought them full price, and they went on sale last Tuesday!! Yay for $80 PA!! More money to shop at Anthro!! Wooohooo!!
They are very comfy, runs TTS! They are BEAUTIFUL♥

 Jacket & Tank: H&M
Skirt & Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Miss Albright (Anthropologie)

I saw the Antilles Tank online and thought they are cute. And in store, I saw sooo many of them still hanging in the sale room. Why nobody want them?? I wondered. I tried it on and they are cute with belt on!! but runs big. I got XS instead of my normal size S.

Cardi &Top: Anthropologie
Pants& Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Miss Albright (Anthropologie)

It was my birthday yesterday!! I just turned 23!! Oh yeah~~ oh yeah~~
haha I am just kidding! I was born in 1977!! :)

 Top & Dress: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Miss Albright (Anthropologie)


  1. I didn't know the Finest Hour Heels went on sale. They were almost out of stock online the last I looked. Do they still have them in stores? I need to call CS and find out where I can get them.

    I love the Yellow Skirt. Can't remember the name. I let that one go sale day because it looked to full. But it looks perfect with the Navy blazer.

    OMG! I totally thought the lace top was part of the dress. You really did well my styling the two pieces together. I've never tried wearing a top with a strapless.

    Don't you just love your Chie Mihara's! I get my Corn Lane Slingbacks Monday. Still hopping for a PA. Did you get the Taupe Tied Booties?

  2. Ha-ha! Customer Service would not do a Store Search for me. They told me I have to call back on Monday. I know I've gotten store searches before on the weekend. Did your store have any more size 8 Finest Hours Heels? This calls for an APB!

  3. Hope your birthday was fun! I thought you were in your early 30's, because your figure and appearance look very young... I love all your outfits as usual.

  4. Ping> HAHAHA! sorry my mistake!! I was born in 1977!!!!!! 1970 was my husband's year!! DUHH!!

  5. Laura> You will find the heels!!
    The skirt is called Sugar Work Skirt. Kristin is wearing it too!! the skirt is beautiful!! I think Corte Madera still has it!!

    I don't prefer strapless either. It's annoying that I have to pull it up every once a

    I ordered the Taupe Tied Booties online! I can't wait to get them!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope it was fabulous:)

    I love all of the outfits. You styled the Sugar Work skirt perfectly, the Chie's look awesome, and I love the Finest Hour heels! The last outfit is beautiful - the lace looks so pretty underneath the floral dress.

  7. Fabulous dresses and like it. The designs were great and fantastic. Thank you for sharing.