Friday, May 6, 2011


It's been HOT last two days! Summer is almost here!!

I think summer requires more self-care because you don't get to cover your whole body anymore.

No tights in summer.. That means I have to shave my legs everyday!
If you see me wearing pants or maxi, that means I didn't want to shave on that day. lol

Sandals! That means I need toe nail polish often!

Today, I wanted to wear these lace-up boots sandals I bought from Free People last year.

And then, I put on a pair of denim shorts.
Mehh.. My thighs got some fat!

I know why it happened..
I feel more comfortable wearing Anthro's knee length skirts now and I stopped wearing mini skirts! Then I don't see them as much.

But it's summer!!
Probably nobody would notice the difference,but I NOTICE IT!! 

Since I gave a birth.. my butt got bigger!! and it's the coccyx bones!! I used to wear size 0 or XS.. and the time will never come back but at least, I want to have my body in shape! (Maybe I was too skinny but it was Japanese standards, I guess?)

After reading JG's 30 days shred, I wanted to do some exercise for myself as well.
I am still lazy, and I know I can't do any hard core work out.. so I will just say "some exercise"...

What I did last year was.. a walk!!  I walked to everywhere with my daughter in a stroller!!
Not sure about my arms but I did loose some weight and the saggy parts on my thighs disappeared, I remember.

To go to Anthropologie, it takes about 10 minutes by car. On foot, it was probably about... 40 to 50 minutes!
Or probably an hour because I sang songs and stop here and there and talked to my daughter about flowers and birds etc.. lol

Okay. I am going to do that again!! Not tomorrow but someday soon.... :P

Let me tell you something about my posing.. I take photos of several posing, and pick one that my thighs doesn't show what I see.. ( I share my outfit photos with a Japanese fashion mom community site, and oh god, those girls are so skinny! )

I ended up not wearing the boot sandals and went for the gray Jeffrey Campbell sandals.

BTW, does anyone know the current price for the Emerald Wicklow Dress??\
I am searching one in size S. Please let me know if you see it around!

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  1. Hi Keiko,
    Your post made me laugh. Last year after I went back to China, I controled my diet and lost 10 pounds. Now I returned to my normal weight before I came to US. The good thing is, if I were really tiny as some of the Chinese girls, I couldn't really find lots of clothes that fit me here.