Wednesday, May 25, 2011


O M G!!!

My daughter didn't have fever this morning, so I went to check out the sale while she was asleep (w her dada)


I asked a SA to check the current price for Soft Soaring Sweater, and it was only $19!!!!!!! (probably 19.95)

LC from bella seattle commented it on the last post, and O-MY!! THAT WAS TRUE!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooooo much for letting me know that, LC!! You are my GOD!!!

I am SO lucky!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

And what did I get today??

I got these...

Little unusual for me, isn't it?? 

The skinny pants, I just wanted to make sure what size I should get if they get a 2nd cut... and I tried them on..

My thighs looked skinner than real ones!

I fell in love. They are worth $50 if they can make my legs look long and slim. I tried both color (stone and light blue) and I loved stone better! I didn't know my size, so I am not sure if it's TTS, but I am usualy 2 in skirt & dress, 2 or4 in pants, and I got 26 in these pants!
I highly recommend these pants!!!!!!  ★★★★★

And Tee, I was eyeing on it before, and I tried it on today. I loved the lace trim!! I didn't try the other color, but navy was my color, and I didn't even try the red one. Maybe next time, I should try the red one!
It fits TTS!

I will try to have a fashion show tomorrow morning if my daughter stays asleep :)

Oh, and the Salome Wedges $90 and Memory Keeper Drops $19.95 (was $38) are going back to the store.

The wedges are little tight around my ankle and they weren't as beautiful as I thought.
They are, but there are other shoes I want! And if they ever go on sale, I'd buy them in size 8.5, which is a half size larger than my normal size!

The earrings, meh.. They look cheap with the paper flower.. I almost wanted to take the flower off, but I guess I will just return them and get something else.

I used my birthday discount on those.. but I shopped more after the order and have more things I want to buy!! They should offer the discount whole birthday month!!

Ok.. off to bed now.

nite nite!

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  1. So glad the PA worked out! Great buys too...I am wanting to check out both of those pieces.