Friday, June 3, 2011

another pop back!

Well well, I received Ruche's eyelet dress yesterday.. but I didn't like it =(
I tried it on once, then I re-packed it again and sent it back.. today. I just thought... It didn't worth $80..

I wasted shipping but I'd rather get $70 back in my bank!

I guess... I should be stuck with Anthropologie.

Anyways, I was browzing my wishlist on Anthro site, and found these popback!!

I am not sure if I am going to keep them, but since they are offering free shipping over $150, why not get them and see if I like them or not?

 Cloud Art Dress &79.95 (was $158)

I bought this dress in XS. I am not sure if it'd fit me, but I've been searching for white-ivory crochet dress, so I want to give it a try!! And.. hoping for 2nd cuts if it fits me!

 Hearts Desire Cardigan $49.95 (was $98)

I actually wanted the other color, but never got chance to try it on. This cardi is going to be cute for vintage inspired outfit that I am into these days!

Layers Of Lovely Cover-Up $79.95 (was $168)

I've been eyeing on this but wasn't sure. It's online only item and can't tell if I would love it or not. It appears so nice, thought. Thanks to free shipping, I get to try!!! AAAAAAAAAAND of course, I am hoping for 2nd cuts!! COME ON~~!!

Last time I was at Anthro, I tried jeans. I don't wear jeans much anymore, but this catalog shot brow my mind!

I want to be her. Seriously. How gorgeous is she????? I want that top too!!!

These two.. wishlisted!!

These jeans are.... SUPER LONG! I am 5'7" but they are way too long. I will have to have them altered but if that's the case.. the gorgeous figure will be ruined a bit. hmmmmmmmmmmm

They are both TTS, I tried size 26 and they fit me perfect. And AG Farrah, I love how soft they are!!

Have a nice weekend!!


  1. Does wearing platform heels help at all with the length of the jeans? I have a feeling that jean style was definitely made for 1970s style platforms.

  2. I'm with Alyssa. You would look awesome wearing Platforms with wide leg jeans.

    I ordered the Cloud Art Dress from a store in size Small. The size I normally wear. It was way too tight in the rear. That never happens to me. Usually dresses are too tight through the chest. A medium would probably be too big everywhere else.

    I had to bite for something since shipping is free. I ordered the Finding Roses Blouse and the Sagebrush skirt. The Blouse is so awesome with jeans in the catalog.

    I sure am hoping for a good sale this week. Sounds like you need those 2nd cuts.

  3. Alissa> Even with Jeffrey Campbell platforms, they'd be still long. lol

    Laura> I want to try those again next time and I will try to take photos!
    Hmm, I just want to try the dress. We'll see.. XS sounds small to me though... hope it fits..
    When did you get the dress from the store? Is it still the same price???

    ohh, the blouse and skirt you ordered... I want to see them on you!!

  4. i love the Hearts Desire Cardigan! it would look wonderful on you.

  5. Teej> I will receive it tomorrow!! But It might to small for me...