Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My hobby?

No sale... sad...

but I guess it is good for me. lol

I've been making some hairpins with vintage buttons.

mmmm.. I like the vintage look!

and I just started to enjoy making stuff.. :D

Now that I returned my first purchase from RUCHE,

I wanted to give it one more try and they gave me free shipping for the next order!

These are what I am interested, but both item are sold out in my size.. :( :(

I especially want to try the bow top.
I am not sure how 100% polyester would feel, but the design is very attractive, isn't it!?

I hope they will get them in stock again

BTW, I finally bought my second color of D'armee, navy! It was a popback online and it's on the way!! YAY! This bow top would look cute with the dress, don't you think?? Or would it be too puffy??

Yes, I know.. I am still stalking Anthropologie.com again..

It's more like my hobby. lol

My husband is a programmer and his computer is always on... and so is mine!
Whenever I sit in front of it, I check Anthro... 

If you want me to stalk something for you, let me know lol

And I found these beautiful pair of shoes from Chie Mihara!!

I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them..............



  1. the vintage button hairpins you've made are gorgeous! I absolutely love them. and those shoes in the last pic are reallllly quite lovely!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. Oh, I want those Chie Mihara's too! They are gorgeous.

    I love the hairpins you made! The third ones down are my favorites.

  3. Kristin> Maybe I will have some hairpin giveaway!? :D :D