Sunday, June 26, 2011

OOTD Fantastic Field Skirt x Trickle Down Top

Today, I dressed like Emma from Glee!!

Top & Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Nicole

Well, I didn't buy this Tickle Down Top from Anthropologie.

I was looking through EA's Trade Market and found out that Terrie was having a blog sale!

I bought three tops from her! 

 Flight Of Fancy Top

 Rational Ruffles Tee

 Trickle Down Top

They were all brand new and she kept them so well! Thank you so much for giving me such a great deal ♥ 
She still have some more lovely items in her blog sale!! Check it out Anthropological Shopper Blog Sale!

Um, and I still have bunch of stuff in my own blog sale. Don't forget to take a look at Shop My Closet 1 and Shop My Closet Shoes too!!

The first time I saw this skirt was when it went on sale but I didn't even take it out of rack. 
I came home, and I saw JG was searching the skirt in her size on EA, so I told her that I think I saw some at my local Anthro. She called and found one for her! 

And couple weeks later, I saw one of SAs wearing it. OMG! It's so cute!!!  

But of course it's all gone from the sale room by the time..

There are so many other things I want, so I gave up on it. (I didn't want to do store search or anything)

THEN, two weeks ago....

I found it!! in my size!! (size 4, this skirt runs small) in my store!!!


And it went $19 last week, so I got PA!

I love this skirt even more


Remember I wanted a bow front blouse from RUCHE before?

 elite and chick bow top
It was back in stock!!!

And of course, I ordered it!!!

I will receive it next week. I am so excited!! ( I hope it'll be as cute as I think!)


  1. You look great! You always make such great finds!

  2. Terrie> yeah! finding your sale blog was one of my great finds too!!

    Let me know if you are adding more stuff! xoxo

  3. Ooh, I'm so happy you were able to score this skirt! And at such an AWESOME price, no less! I just wore mine the other's such a beautiful piece :-)

  4. JG> yeah! I have been getting some awesome deal from Anthro's sale room these days!!