Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OOTD: Take Action

Ohh.. it's hot....  I have been looking for yellow and red cardigan but I don't think I will need cardigan for another couple months...

But I want some skinny colorful belts!!

I wanted to style the Take Action Dress like other bloggers, but I just love the way it is..
I think the dress is perfect!

But maybe when it's cooler, I could add some yellow or red cardigan?? I also want to try red skinny belt with this but I don't own one.. hmm

Dress: Anthropologie
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Franco Sarto


  1. The dress looks great on its own! I am still holding out for sale.

  2. Sometimes simple is the best way to go. The dress is gorgeous on you and I love your red shoes!

  3. LC> I know! Ive waited so long... but I was afraid it'll be all gone by then. I really love the color and design, so I had to get it!

    Kristin> I liked how people styled with this dress, but I just love this dress so much that I don't want to add anything over it. lol
    oh and the red shoes... what are you talking about!! I love YOUR red shoes!! GIMMIEEEEEEE!!

  4. わー!可愛い!!

  5. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, Keiko! The dress looks awesome on you, perfect for summer! I'm sad that cardigan weather is over, though...

  6. You look fab! I just posted about your etsy shop on my blog =)

  7. SANAちゃん
    ありがとう♪ SANAちゃんのコーデも色々勉強させてもらってます★

    So-So Good>
    Hi! I know.. I like hot weather but I love fall/winter clothing!! I've been telling myself to save $ for fall collection.. but Anthro sales are distracting me!!

    Thank you! I am glad you liked the shoe clips :)