Thursday, June 9, 2011

Remaining Lilies Cardigan??

Good evening! Or morning??

This morning (Wed), I went to my local Anthro again. I wanted to see what people have returned to get new stuff from the Tag Sale. haha!

I saw couple old items, such as sweater coats, jackets, boots etc.. (mostly size XL, and boots were 9.5 or 10) but nothing was my size. I am normally size small, 2, but sometimes I wear 0, XS, and 4 for some pants.

I found a cute cardigan but it was size M, so what I thought was.. my Anthro sister Laura. Well, I haven't met her in person yet but I know she has bigger boobs than I do. lol Mine's are tiny...

So, I sent her a text with a photo to see if she wants it, but ended up she has it already (the original Remaining Lilies Cardi) and M would be too big for her.

Well, it was only $9.95.. and with 25%off, that'd be $8.. and the cardi was originaly $128.

Leave it?? or Keep it???

I took it to the fitting room, and tried it on.

Oh MY!

It fits me and it was much much MUCH cuter on!!

It just looks like this..

 Remaining Lilies Cardigan

But the one I found looks like this.


Does anyone know the name of the cardigan?

Oh and I bought couple hairpins but can't figure out the names.

I'd be happy if anyone could tell me the Anthro names!

I found these too!

 Lemon Cooler Sandals $39.95 (was $128)

Poche Shirt $19.95 + 25%off (was $78)

I think, this is why I am addicted to Anthropologie. The original price is so high that I can not normally afford but sometimes I can find amazing deal, so I keep stalking the sale room & wishlist. 

And I stopped shopping at other because I'd rather get $130 worth something for $10 than getting some random cheap dress. 

Then what happened next? I am so used to seeing the high price on tags and I ended up buying some full priced items. LOL 

Well done, Anthro...

As I said last night, I received one of my online orders today!! 

The pop-back items!!

Unfortunately, these two had to go back... 

 Hearts Desire Cardigan Small
Layers Of Lovely Cover-Up Small

The cardi.. arm area was too tight and made me look fat. lol I found M at my store but I think I will keep the $$ for something I love. 

And the cover-up, little too small around chest area, and it is a cover up.. I wanted to wear it as a dress, but uh.. I don't love it. 


and what else did I get??

Cloud Art Dress

LOVE IT!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got size XS since that was the only popback. I was hoping it'd fit me.

Here's the fashion show at 1AM!! LOL


  1. You crack me up Keiko. I do have big boobs! I can't believe the Hearts Desire Cardi made you look fat. The Cloud Art is outstanding. You have a extra Small booty for an XS to fit. I could not get my. Big Booty into the Small. Too bad about the Chemise. Could have been a very cool dress.

    What size are you wearing for the Drawing Parallels Skirt? What are your waist and hip measurements? You can email them if you like. That way I can judge the size. I really like the Purple color too.

  2. Keep the sweater! It's cute on you and the price cannot be beat. I alos love the Cloud Art Dress on you!

  3. I have that green cardi and I am crying right now that you only paid 8 bucks... I paid about $50 with my birthday discount back in March. No one had any luck with the name though... I am guessing it hasn't even made it online.

    Anyhow looks great with the navy skirt you paired with.

    Jin(Fru-gal Anthropologie)

  4. Laura> I love the Cloud Art so much!! I can't believe I didn't get it or even tried it on when it was at the store!! I guess I wasn't interested in crochet back then..

    Kim> The cardi is cute on but itself looks like granny cardi.. and my husband didn't like it of Well, it'd be a challenge for me to style with it!!

    Jin>I was so lucky! I get lucky a lot because I stalk Anthro's sale room and

  5. You always score the best deals:) Good for you! I love the cardi and you cannot beat that price, wow!!! The Cloud Art dress looks great on you.

  6. Kristin> ha ha! I know.. Anthro cardi for 8 bucks.. that is unbelievable!!