Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tag Sale!

Yay for the additional 25% off!!

I ordered some pop back online last night, and managed to get 25% off PA this morning through a nice CS. :)

Tomorrow, I will be receiving the Cloud Art Dress, Layers Of Lovely Cover-Up, and Hearts Desire Cardigan.

I am not sure if I should get the 25%off PA because those are pretty old items.. I am hoping for the 2nd cuts.. What do you think?? When does this 25%off promotion end??

These are what I got today!!

 Drawing Parallels Skirt Plum & Navy

 Borrowed Boyfriend Cardi Pink

Horkelia Shift Ivory

Yes, I did pretty good. I think.. :D

I can't wait to try the Cloud Art Dress tomorrow!! I hope it fits me good!


  1. I got the same skirt, only in green and purple. I think the Heart's Desire got a second cut today to $30. My store said the 25% off ends on Sunday.

  2. Ohh on Sunday! hmm.. If the dress fits me, I will just get 25%off PA, then! :) And the cardi, it might be too small for me. I didn't read review before but I think they run a bit small..

  3. I picked up that skirt as well (in green). I was much more impressed with the sale today than I was with the last few, but I was still a little disappointed. The Horkelia is gorgeous:)

  4. Love the Horkelia. I ordered the Cloud Art in size small and it fit through the bust, but was too tight on my lower half. The dress came from a store and the lace was in bad shape in places.

    Did you try the Drawing parallels skirt on? I was nervous that it might pouf to much around the waist. I was actually going to have you look for the Skirt in Yellow for me when you were texting me today from the store.

    I forgot to pick up the Tied Down Dress. Will call in the morning. Thanks so much for thinking of me when you were in anthro.

  5. Kristin> I can't wait to receive the Horkelia!! I tried orange but I want white!!!!!!

    Laura>They have many yellow left still! Not sure the size but I saw all the colors! Ask tomorrow when you call them! I will try to take photo tonight when Miley fall asleep :)

    I returned the Cover-up and cardi but kept the Cloud Art XS! They fit me perfect and LOVE it!! It was the dress Ive searching for!! I will call CS tomorrow for 25%off PA! I hope they will honor it!

  6. Laura> I always think of you when I am at Anthro LOL