Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Outfit

Three years ago, I gave a birth..

It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. (and most painful lol )

I wore the Take Action to match my daughter!

I actually had my daughter pick my dress for the day.
She picked the Take Action and said "It's polka dot! Same as my princess dress!"

Everyone loved it of course!!   


  1. omg, your daugter is sooooooo cute in her polka dot dress. The fact that she picked out the take action dress for you tells me that she's going to be one stylish girl when she grows up :-) The Take Action dress looks great with raspberry accessories

  2. Mother Daughter Polka Dots. Seeing the two of you made my day. Are you wearing the Plaited Cayenne Sandals?

  3. Your daughter is adorable!!! And I love that you both are wearing dots! It's just cute!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. vintageglammz>
    he he. She likes to play with my shoes and jewelries.. and hangs out at Anthro often.. Her future husband is going to be in trouble.. lol

    Sister Laura>
    I am glad to hear that! And yes, they are the Plaited Cayenne Sandals! I love them <3 Did you get them too?? :D

    hehe, we do linking/matching outfits pretty often. My husband picks her outfit once a while too and she looks like a boy wearing a shirt and shorts..lol

  5. You and your daughter look beautiful! I love how you accessorized that dress with some bold red!

  6. Keiko your daughter is SOOOOO beautiful! =D

    I'm so happy to see you wearing the Take Action Dress, it matches with your daughter's dress perfectly haha, and your daughter picked the dress too!

    And i'm loving the red belt with red shoes =)

  7. Lisa>
    Thank you! I am into the color red these days. I learn a lot from other bloggers! :D

    Thank you <3 I think so too lol I wish I were born with my daughter's face. lol
    I am so happy I bought Take Action. I love the dress so much!