Thursday, July 21, 2011

I HAD TO......

I've been thinking about it all day all night..

 Kingston Road Dress by Eva Franco $228

So, I had to buy it off ebay.

I called CS and they are all sold out (of course), and I posted on EA trade market but no luck (its only been 2
size 4 was available for $55 but if I alter it.. it'll be around $100 anyways..

I did it. I did it.. I bought it... I spent it...


Better than feeling awful after someone buy it and I'll never find it again..

I might find someone selling it cheaper someday.. but I will ignore that!!

I love the way it looks from back!

Oh dear Kingston Road Dress...

I can't wait to hold you in my arms...


  1. I was hoping to see you wearing it. But if you insist on holding it, I will enjoy that too, as long as you are happy. Ha-ha!

    I checked, Modcloth, and the dress was passed. I actually forgot that I saw this dress available on sale on Eva Francos's online site. But that was a month ago.

  2. I had no idea the back was so was so cute.

  3. Laura> you will definitely see me in it!! :D I can't wait!! I was researching over google and found another version of the dress. It doesn't have bow in the back.. and not so cute!

  4. that dress is so pretty, it's worth it! and it's so versatile. the colors are so easy to match with sandals, belts, cardigans, you can wear it so many ways!

    i'm a new follower, and i wanted to say that i love your blog! it's so cute.

  5. Congrats on your purchase! I can't wait to see it on you - I bet you'll look fabulous in it!

  6. You'll love the dress, it's even prettier in real life, and so soft and nubby. Fits TTS too.

  7. mybeadifullife> did I spell it right??
    welcome to my blog!! I blog in Japanese sometimes.. when my friends "boo" me about writing in English all the time. lol
    I can't wait for receiving it in the mail. The Seller told me she already shipped it!! AHHH!!

    Thank you <3 I hope it is as beautiful as I imagine.. I was looking for dresses for my sister in law, she has 3 weddings to go to. Then I found the dress (I've seen it before but that time, I liked it but thought it's too expensive) Yes, I found the dress.. for ME! lol

    Do you own one?? I wanna see!! It'll be on this blog soooon!!