Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kingston Road Dress is HERE!

Happy Saturday!!

WOW! It's already here! I opened mailbox this morning and...


The dress!

I tried it on, and it fits perfect!!!

It's wrinkled still.. but
I love love love the colors of the dress. And fabric is so soft, and look at the bow in the back!! It's sooooooooooooo cute!! (I had hard time taking photo of my own back..)

I am wearing pink sunflower earrings that I made the other day. It's the same exact color as the pink in the dress!!

Similar version of the flower earrings available in my Etsy shop TanPoPo. :)

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday and we are having a party!!

I am going to put this dress on her ♥♥

What should I wear!??


  1. your daughter's dress is adorable! and the kingston road dress is beautiful on you. i love the back! it's so pretty.

    wear your new dress!! :)

  2. and i love your shoes. where did you get them?

  3. ^It's Miss Albright's shoes from Anthro a few months back =)

    That dress looks gorgeous on you! =D

    You should wear something from Anthro with polka dots to match with your daughter's dress!

  4. JG> Thanks!! I love it so much!!

    mybeadifullife> I bought them from Anthropologie :) (Cindi answered your question already :D ) Aren't they so cute?? I love Miss Albright Shoes <3

    Cindi> Thank you!
    Polka dots.. Take Action!! <3