Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Desperately seeking.. Kingston Road Dress size 2

Lots of items in my wishlist went dimed out..

Including the items that I REALLY REALLY wanted to see them popback..

But I guess, they don't make money by selling $170 dress for $9. I've scored couple amazing deal last month and was wondering how could they sell them that cheap..

But the question is...
where are all the dimed out clothes going to?? Are they going to be donated to red cross or something? hmmm...

BTW, I didn't go to my local Anthro today. I really wanted to.. but I am TRYING NOT TO BUY ANY MORE clothes.

It's already 19th and I am sure that I spent less $ than other months!!

I've been waiting for the Languid Paisley Maxi Dress to come back online, but I don't think it ever will...

and now I am attracted to Kingston Road Dress . I know.. I am late for wanting it...

There is one in my size on ebay for $100..

Should I get it??????????



  1. I think you would look lovely in the Kingston Road dress - but for $100? Maybe you could score one for less on the EA trade market? Or call Anthro CS to see if they could find you one at a store for super-sale?

  2. You have a great blog! I check it everyday for new posts. I think you should stick to your promise to spend less this month. You already have so many beautiful things to wear. It took a long vacation for me to step off the Anthro roller coaster of craving, seeking, and spending. It is addictive.

  3. Awww! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Lisa> I almost bought it for $100... but then you made me stop. I will wait until I find it in better deal!!

    Strong> You are right! ahhh but all the beautiful dresses are killing me! >< I actually went to Anthro today and tried on some skirts. I came out without buying anything, though! High five!!!!

  4. um... I really want the dress.. I keep looking at the photo and.. I think.. I will spend.. $100...

  5. Have you tried on the skirt? I never liked the dress. I love the skirt!

  6. I haven't... but I love the way it looks from the back!!