Thursday, July 21, 2011

Languid Paisley Maxi Dress


Everyone knows that I've been looking for this dress in XS, right??

And I spent $100 for Kingston Road Dress today.

But I am TRYING not to spend $$ this month.

I bought the Pulling It Together Sweater in yellow and turquoise last week.
I was just going to buy yellow. I've been wanting a yellow cardigan to wear with my Take Action. I grabbed yellow and then saw the turquoise, it was really beautiful bright color and unusual for me, and it actually looked good on me, so I had to buy it.

This morning, I received email from Anthro.. and saw this perfect yellow cardigan!

Oh! This is IT! I've been waiting for this cardigan!!


that's the reason I went to Anthro today. To return the Pulling It Together Sweater in yellow. 

And I went to see if there is something in the sale room (of course..) and found size L Languid Paisley Maxi Dress! WTH!? 

It was ripped.. like.. who would buy it... much. really ripped. I didn't see the price tag because what I need is XS. But I wanted to ask SA if they have XS somewhere in the store. 

I didn't think they would. But why not try it, right?


They had it!!

In the back room!!!

The last one!!!


But Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to my promise and my bank account..

Tried it on at home! What a beauty!!! It is a perfect length! (I'm 5'7")



  1. I love that yellow cardi as well! Infact, I'm loving the things from the new catalogue!
    Yay for finding the maxi dress. I can certainly see that it fits you perfectly. It's a great piece for summer.

  2. Good thing you asked about the dress! I have never understood why they keep things hidden away in the back. It is beautiful! I also love that yellow cardigan. Can't wait to try it on!

  3. Kristin>
    I know! Why would they keep them in the back???? but.. because of that.. I could score the dress! All we need to do is ask them!! Hidden treasures!!