Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matchy matchy

I went to one of my niece's birthday party last night. I can't believe she is already 14..

I still remember.. she was still a little girl.. Very first family Christmas party I was invited (I wasn't married yet!), she whispered to me with a sad face, "I want to open presents too..but she (her cousin) always gets to open them.." So I let her open mine and my future husband's presents! She looked really happy!!

Time flies!

When she saw me yesterday at the party, she said..

"OMG, I hate you, you look so pretty!"


She is such a teenager!!!

This is what I looked like!

Sunglasses: Valenciaga
Sweater & Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt & Bag: Vintage
Sandals: daniblack (Anthropologie)
Earrings: handmade

I asked my husband to take photo of me for my blog!! ♥♥

I LOVE these sandals!! I can't believe how beautiful they are!!
I decided to keep all the sandals I bought the other day. They are all beautiful.

I know.. dots and flowers!!

The idea came from my daughter's dress I bought last month. And she was wearing the dress yesterday to match me!! lol

Remember this photo??

BTW, I recently made another purchase...

from Forever 21!!

I ordered these online for one of my friends in Japan.
I received them and opened the package to make sure the dresses are not defective. 

The materials are pretty good for F21, and the designs are cute!! 

And check out the prices!! Two maxi dresses.. for $60!! 
I own couple maxi dresses I bought from F21 last summer, one of them is almost ruined but the other one is still in a good condition!! They are washable, so I wear them pretty often! I even sleep in them sometimes...


I had to order them for myself too. lol

I am still telling myself not to shop in this month, though........


  1. I love your outfit! It's very summer looking with the bright color.

  2. Ping> Thanks! It's been really hot here but on the day.. or maybe because it was night time, it was coooold... and my daughter wanted to jump on the trampoline in the backyard and I had to watch her for like an hour.. I always keep her jacket in the car but I didn't have mine.. brrr lol