Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oblique Blooms Dress $258

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was Tuesday.. and that means.. you know!!

I wanted to go to my local Anthro at 10am.. but instead, I went to post office.
I kept telling myself that there is nothing I NEED.. I don't NEED any more clothes...

And I turned left at the traffic light instead of right. lol 

Came home, and my daughter was awake in bed. She asked me where I was, and I was glad I didn't go to Anthro!

(Sometime ago, she woke up and cried so hard asking for me, and my husband was so mad at me because 1: she woke him up, 2: he couldn't make her stop crying, 3: I was at Anthropologie. lol)

In the afternoon, we went out for lunch.

And we ended up going to..  the mall.... where.... Anthropologie... is...


I found one of the dress I was hoping to own.

I love the vintage look. And the lace is just gorgeous!
This dress was $130 couple weeks ago. I almost bought it but wasn't sure yet.. then my size was all gone.
I gave up.

Then as yesterday.. it was $70!! and my size was there!!

I love my local Anthro. I've found so many treasures there
I tried it on at home this morning :)
According to Anthro review, it runs big, so I sized down and got size 0. It fits fine but little tight around chest, but not enough to size up. It comes with straps!!

I will try not to shop next month... we will see.. lol

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  1. Glad you were able to get the dress for even cheaper than the first cut! The lace detail is incredibly pretty and has a vintage feel.