Monday, August 8, 2011

1 Year Anniversary is coming soon!! Aug 22nd!

Wow, I didn't know it's already been a year since I started this blog until Laura from Anthro Closet Chaos mentioned it here. She also had a year anniversary! (I didn't know it til today.. Congratulation, Laura!!)

I was thinking what I should do.. I mean, for the giveaway!!

When I started this blog, it was all written in Japanese. The first post here.

I was saying.. I wish I had my daughter's eyelashes.. lol

It was like a diary, where I went, what I ate, how my daughter was doing.. etc.. to update my life with my friends and family in Japan. The most fun part of the blog for me was to share everyone "what I bought", "what I want", and "what I wear"!

I don't have a photographer or a nice husband who would take photos of me for my blog, so my OOTD photos are just boring me in front of mirror..

I used to shop at H&M, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Free People...
but I don't shop there at all now..

I only shop at Anthropologie!
My closet is filled with Anthro dresses and tops now.

Wow, that's crazy. How did I afford all that???

I've made some sweet Anthro friends through this blog, their blogs and Anthro Community. I want to thank EA to the most because I've learned A LOT from the blog about how to shop smart at Anthropologie.

Thankfully, I live very close to an Anthro store, so I get to hunt sale room and have found many gorgeous items in amazing price.  THIS made me Anthro-holic. (I think this word was made by Kim from Anthroholic)

Anyways... here.. is..


A pair of earrings from my etsy shop TanPoPo.

I kept a pair for me to wear them with my Take Action. The color matches!!

To enter the giveaway:

Please tell me..
1, how you found this blog.
2, which shop you shop the most.
3, what's your most wanted item in this fall.
4, your email address to contact you if you win! 

The entry ends on 21st of August, a day before the anniversary!! I will announce the winner on 22nd!!

is also having a year anniversary giveaway!! I am sure every Anthro fans of my blog readers know about it already, but I am posting about it to give me extra vote :D

Elizabeth is giving $25 Anthropologie Giveaway! WOW!


  1. Wow another giveaway! =D Happy blog anniversary btw !

    1. I found out about this blog from Kim's Anthroholic blog in a Sunday's outfits post.

    2. I shop almost exclusively at Anthropologie, but I also shop at Free People.

    3. I want too many items to list lol. But I really want this Free people dress asap, one in red and one in grey


    Btw Keiko, I haven't seen you wear the Free People Happy Trails tunic recently, I would love to see another outfit with that on your blog since I recently bought one on ebay in the neutral color =D

  2. Yay! A giveaway - count me in!
    1, I found your blog through Laura of Anthro Closet Chaos
    2, Anthropologie - of course!
    3, A tie neck blouse

    Happy blogiversary - here's to many more to come!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting:) I love the earrings.

    1) I believe I found your blog through the reader outfit feature on Anthroholic.
    3) A pair of Chie Miharas, of course.
    4) lovelyapidea(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Congratulations on your one year!
    1. I found your blog through Laura's blog: Anthro Closet Chaos
    2. I mostly shop at Anthropologie (that may change)
    3. My most wanted item for this fall: baby stuff
    4. starbaby975 at hotmail dot com

  5. Just found your blog and love it! Congrats on your one year blogiversary!

    1) Through your comment post on Lovely Adipae
    2) I mostly shop at H&M. I'd prefer Anthro but the closest store is quite a trek
    3) Undecided... I'm still firmly rooted in summer right now.
    4) mail[at]overcaffeinated[dot]com

  6. 1) From my dear friend Keiko on Etsy!
    2) I actually shop almost exclusively online, even for clothes! I am super tall, so usually EddieBauer's website, as they have lots of nice tall size options with sleeves that actually fit!
    3) My most wanted item this fall... actually two things, is that ok? A really awesome, comfy, casual fall dress... and a new purse! :)
    4) I will send you my email addy in a convo on Etsy, if that's ok. :)

  7. 1) From Laura's site I believe.
    2) Hmm its split between Anthropologie and f21 I guess?
    3) Horkelia shift in orange from Anthropolgie. I want that badly.

  8. Keiko! Earring Love! Perfect for the Take Action Dress. Not only are we shoe, boot and dress twins. We are blogiversary Twins too. Congratulations Anthro Sister. And many more years to come.

    It sounds like I am your Blog traffic source. You can actually check that out. Just go to your Dashboard - Click on Stats and there you will see your Top Traffic Sources (blogs) on the right.

    1) I found you on Kim's Anthroholic Readers Outfit's

    2) Anthro all the way, with a sprinkling of Modcloth.

    3) The pair of bow draped shoes by Miss Albright that Roxy posted last weekend while at Anthro's preview event for NYC Bloggers. I hope they come out in the Sept Catalog. And I just got a Pop Back of Anthro's Nightshade Heels by Chie Mihara. I couldn't believe my luck. They sold out Full Price. I paid FP too.Had to make a few returns for them.


    I am working on a Post finally. Love the baby Miley photo with long lashes. how sweet!