Monday, August 22, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway Winner is..

Comment No. 2


You won these cute earrings for your Take Action ♥ ♥ ♥

I've been staying at my sister in law's house for 10 days.. and I hadn't been able to update my blog.. 
Tonight, finally got to move back!! YAY!!!  

Her family is out of country for a month, and the second week was our turn to look after their dog and the house. It was good experience for my daughter to live with a dog. Also, they have a big trampoline in the back yard, so it was so much fun for her. 

It wasn't so much fun for me, though.. My daughter made me run around and jump with her on the trampoline, and my whole body was sore every night... lol

Plus, the house isn't child free, I mean.. there are many dangerous stuff for my daughter, so I couldn't relax at all... 

Anyways, I am back and loving our apt more than ever!!

I made some new items for my etsy store TanPoPo while I was there. 

I am so into making these right now.. 
It's good for me because it keeps me away from shopping... 

I really miss Anthropologie..

I might go there tomorrow!! :D

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