Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Anthro :)

Again, I was trying not to go to Anthropologie but my husband and my daughter decided to go to the shopping center.

I waited until we finish our lunch. lol

Then run into Anthro.

These are what I got today

 Denpasar Skirt

 Latticed Weekend Skirt

 Sun-Stitched Skirt

Oh wait, it's already August! I thought it was still July..


I tried on two pairs of shoes from the last post.

Feel of the leather is soft. The color is just beautiful. (Both Green and Turquoise)
Tried on my usual size 8, but they were little big, so I tried on 7.5. They were slightly big but with tights, they will probably stay on feet. I want to try size 7 next time.

Look better online. I guess they look the same but I wasn't that much attracted in these heels when I tried them on. 
Size 8 was slightly big and size 7.5 was slightly snug.
I don't really care at this point, because I am not buying these anymore..
I like last year's Anticipation Heels better... (I don't own them though... )

I saw these two pairs in the store, but didn't try.

These pair look really beautiful. I think they can be worn in fall because they are suede(?) but I wish they weren't clogs.. 
They kind of look like Nightshade Heels by Chie Mihara and I prefer Chie's if I ever get chance to own those...

Again, clogs.. /cry
The color of the leather look beautiful in person. I saw these booties last time and I put them in my wishlist. 
Next time, I will try them on but probably by the time, I will find better booties in Anthro site.

My Etsy store TanPoPo is in another treasury round created by withlovefrommontana again today.

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