Friday, August 26, 2011

September Wishlist!!

Oh My...

Did you see the September Catalog???

I am so excited to have all these beautiful items in my closet!!! Will I get to!!???

Kinda too many.. lol

but here are what I want!!

 Ascot Swing Coat $168

Frilled Echelons Peacoat $148

These two are my MUST HAVE items!!

And boots...

 Corset-Laced Boots $288

High Tack Boots $298

Okay, those are the boots I want.. if they ever get 2nd or 3rd cuts. lol

THESE are THE MOST WANTED boots this year!!

Regalia Button Boots $528
Yes.. really... those boots are EXPENSIVE!!!!
I am going to stalk these boots.. and get them when they hit sale!!! 

And of course.. here is cutest Mary Janes from Miss Albright!!

Bowed Lacrta Mary-Janes $168

I tried these on at Anthro the other day. Everyone say these are TTS but for me, 7.5 fit me better! (a half size down)

Last year, I missed Anticipation Heels, so this year, I MUST get these heels!! (Of course, they have to be on sale.. I have too many items I want..)

And guess what I got last Tuesday?? 

Pop backs!!!

Tombolo Dress (originally $268)

For $19.95!!

Level99 High Waist Chambray Trousers (originally $118)

For $29.95!!

I am not sure if I'd keep these. I wanted them when they showed up in the store, but since I have another gaucho pants from Level 99, and now that I need more $$ for fall items.... I have to try them again!

And the other day.. I found this pop back! It says it's back ordered.. Hope I can get it!

Finding Roses Blouse (was $78)

For $19.95!!

I can't believe I've been so lucky!!


  1. Congratulations on your popbacks!
    Your Fall list is very tempting. I just bought the Frilled Echelons Peacoat in turquoise. Love.
    Hope some of these beauties find their way into your closet.

  2. Steph>
    Thank you!! Pop backs are hard to resist!! I am trying not to spend right now, so then I can buy the new collection when they hit sale!!
    I am so jealous you got to buy the frilled echelons peacoat already!!

  3. Just wanted to say that I loved your outfit on Anthroholic's reader outfits! It looked so chic!