Monday, September 26, 2011



Wow! It's Monday already! How was your weekend?
As I posted before, I was at Disneyland!!

When my husband and I lived in LA, it was only 40 mins drive and we had annual pass! Now we had to drive 7 hours to get there!!! ( My daughter and I were sleeping most of the time, though! lol )

We were there for three days.. and my daughter didn't enjoy it on the second day..

Maybe she was too young!?

She loved Mickey's house and outdoor rides, but ones that go inside in dark, they were too scary for her.

My husband wanted to go home after the second day, but I didn't want her to think that Disneyland is a scary place, there are things that she would love!!

The first thing we did was.. face paint!
She became a cat!!

And yes! She LOVED meeting Tinkerbell and Fawn in Pixie Hollow!

Here are what she loved the most!

★Pixie Hollow
The loveliest time ever!! Had to wait for 20 minutes but Tinkerbell and Fawn were so nice and sweet that they talked to her and made her relaxed. She really believes that they are real fairies!

★It's a Small World
This was the first ride on the day 1. She loved it so much that wanted to ride it again. We rode this on day 1 and day 3. She was a bit scared on day 3 but she still had fun on it.

★Minnie's House
 She just LOVED walking around in Minnie's room. My husband and I had hard time chasing after her!

What she hated the most!

★It's Tough to Be a Bug! (Disney California Adventure Park)
It's 3D movie about bugs. 1, it was dark, 2, airs and waters in the dark scared hell out of her.. She was horrified.
We had to leave the show. She even had a nightmare on the night..  This was the first attraction on the day 2. It made her grumpy and scared all day.

★Pinocchio's Darling Journey
I think we rode this on the day 1. The ride was dark and evil characters were way too scary for her...

★Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
This was a big mistake. Dark, dark.. and more dark... We got on a ride and it went through dark scary rooms.. Even I was scared...

I hope, next time... she's old enough to enjoy most of the attractions!! And I should study more about it before I go there!! (This trip was kind of crazy.. We decided to go there, packed, then left home in one day)

I don't have OOTD but I have some new earrings that I made for myself!!

Added some on my Etsy store TanPoPo too :)


  1. Mr. Toad's is surprisingly scary! I would think It's a Small World is one the most fun for kids. Your daughter looks adorable with her face paint!

    And I love those earrings you made--esp. the 1st pair.

  2. Haha I loved It's a Small World, but I was 9 when I first went on that ride, so I wasn't scared =D

  3. A lot of the fantasy land rides are pretty dark and scary (Snow White, Pinocchio, Toad's Wild Ride) - I haven't taken my kids on most of them. The ones we go on pretty regularly though are Small World, Buzz Lightyear (in Tomorrowland), Winnie the Pooh (in Critter Country), and things like the carousel, and the Casey Jr. train ride. And Toon Town is always nice for the kids to just be able to run around and play a bit, of course. :) Your daughter is just adorable in her face paint. =)

  4. Welcome back!! The pictures of your daughter are adorable!! My son and daughter hated "It's a Bug Life" too!! They screamed when the first spider came out and we had run out the emergency exit. I love the pink earrings! So romantic and pretty.