Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've been struggling to pick outfit these days. I open my closet, I have many clothes that I love.. but just don't know how to put them together..

And I don't have much time to think in the morning.. so I just pick whatever and put them on.

Dress & Cardigan: Anthropologie
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Vintage
Earrings: TanPoPo

I don't love this outfit... lol 
Is it bad that I miss Kim's OOTD posts?? I liked the way she dresses, put things together and make fabulous outfits.

I love each pieces in my outfit but all together, I feel "meh.."

What am I missing?? I love these boots but I've been wearing them too much on blog shots??? lol


  1. I love this outfit! The boots are so cute and looks like you can wear them with anything. I always have a go-to pair of boots for the Fall. :) I was seeing if you wanted to submit an outfit to be included in the Readers Outfit post on my blog (Behind the Dressing Room Door) that I am going to post on Sunday. I will post a photo of an outfit you pick and also link your blog. Let me know if you are interested by emailing me at

  2. Elizabeth>
    Yeah, I read the post a while ago and wanted to send outfit photo! Maybe I was at Disneyland or before the trip, so.. I forgot about it...

    Thank you for reminding me that!! Oh but the reader outfit post I read was on someone else's blog??

    I will think of cute outfit and send it to you before sunday!! Yay!!

  3. けいこちゃん、朝時間ないの分かる!!私も時間とのバトルで優雅に自分のコーディネートを考えている余裕がありませーん。なので平日の私のファッションは結構シンプルで人に見せる様なものでも無いのよね(とほほ)けいこちゃんの今日のファッションとてもかわいいと思うけど!!下のワンピかわいいね。ところで今週のReader Outfit早速出してみたよ(笑)一緒にエリザベスと共同企画していた子がブログを辞めたんだって!!今回アンソロホリックの代わりにこの企画を運営する事に対して反対者から中傷的なコメントが沢山届いて、嫌になったみたい、、それは凹むよね。なんだかかわいそう、、、では、では!!またね!

  4. だよねだよね。。ヒールある靴履きたいし、お気に入りの服着たいけど。。それで公園は行けない 笑 逃げる娘を追いかけたり、抱っこしたり。
    Reader Outfit楽しみ~!! 私も出してみる♪

  5. Keiko! I wish I could read your flamboyant and lovely Japanese above. You have your own unique style Keiko. I don't think you needed Kim's Readers Outfits for ideas. Just work at getting to know your closet. Have a big fashion show with all your cloths. Try everything on with everything else. Take photos. Make havoc and then re-organize it all.

  6. Laura>
    lol Sayaka and I were saying how hard it is to have own time with having little kids.
    I will re-organize my closet and see what I can do with outfits!! Thanks!