Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Me!

I felt like I needed something different than usual these days.
I was stressed and overwhelmed this past month, and haven't done much retail therapy either..

And today, I decided to go get a haircut!! I've wanted to do that for a while but just didn't get a chance.

Do you like my new hair do?

I got rid of all the damaged hair. I will try to keep my hair as shiny as possible this time!!


  1. Oh I LOVE it! Absolutely beautiful cut.

  2. I love your new cut!! It looks great on you!! 子育てする時は短い方が楽ですよね!

  3. JG, mybeaudifullife>
    thank you <3


  4. Fab cut - and brave to you for doing some very different for your hair!

  5. I love it! I find that once you go short, you can pretty much try any other haircut. Before I went short with my hair I was deathly afraid of the hairdresser cutting too much off. But I must say, it's very liberating not being so darn scared of the hairdresser. I've been meaning to get the bob again. I know my students and husband will have a heart-attack but they'll get over it.

  6. Lisa, Jen>
    ha ha!! I like having long hair but head gets heavy and too much work to wash and dry... especially with a three year old around.. Don't have much time to play with my hair, so I'd rather shave my
    But instead... I got bob hair!! Not bad, right!?