Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OOTD Anthro Boots Sale!!

Is it only me that not happy about 30% off Boots and Outerwear promo??

I was hoping to buy couple pairs of boots when they hit on sale. To do that, they have to be 50% off.. lol
Anthro has too many attractive boots!! They will all be sold out after this 30% off promo!! GRRRRR

I can't afford them right now.. I already bought the Jeffrey Campbell Brit this month. :( :(
I hope... some of the boots in my size will pop back when I have $$..

I managed to buy a pair though. I mean, I ordered them online since I don't get to have much free time during daytime with my daughter these days.

It's good, though.. It's helping my shopaholic behavior.. But I know I am missing bunch of great deals I could find in the sale room!! 

I actually saw these boots on Nordstrom catalog before they came on Anthro site. So, if Anthro sell out these boots, you can still get them at Nordstrom!!


 Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Kenneth Cole 
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Belt: Nordstrom

I bought this top through Trade Market on EA! I love the community so much..

I've been trying to post more outfit photos.. but I am too tired to do anything when I put my daughter to sleep at night... I lay down and watch shows and fall asleep... 

Here is my little princess in a new Gymboree Dress!


  1. Keiko chan足が長いからショート丈のブーツが似合う!!新しいブーツも新調してワクワクだね!履いている写真楽しみにしています!娘ちゃんもかわいい!!

  2. I love those Gunpowder Boots too, but just couldn't bring myself to buy any boots yet...