Monday, September 19, 2011

Party Dress

One of my sisters (in law) is attending 4 weddings in this few months and her boyfriend loves pink dress on her, so I was helping her find pink dresses.

While I was searching, I found this gorgeous dress popback from Anthropologie the other day.

Bocagrande Dress $248

It got 2nd cut to $69.95!!

She wears the same size as I do, and I got XS and it fits perfect. 

I tried it on...

I love it.. but the fabric is way too delicate to wear for a mom with 3 year old.... it's like stockings.. it'll get ruined easily...

And how often do I go to a fancy party?? Hardly ever!
I don't think I'd have much wear of it..

but again.. this dress is super lovely... maybe, I can dress this down and go to a mall!?


My sister isn't that interested in this dress.
Should I keep it??????



  1. すごく素敵!胸元の刺繍がまたかわいい。パーティーじゃなくてもちょっとお洒落したい日にも着れそうに思えるけど?!でも悩む気持ち分かるわ(私も良くあります)「これ着ないかも」と思ってもSecond Cutだと余計にキープしたくなるよね!

  2. そうそう・・250ドルが70ドル・・と思うと余計キープしたくなる 笑

  3. I tried that dress on last weekend and I was tempted to buy it, but I also thought it was too delicate...I put it back, which I sort of regret now. It looks so pretty on you!

  4. LC> It went down to $40 today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Keiko chan: Like you said the price went down to $40!! You have to keep it now!! :-) 今日アンソロでXSがひとつだけポツーンと残っていて値札を見て、「けいこちゃんに連絡しなくちゃ!」と思いながら試着したら、私も気入ってしまい買った〜!(笑)ところで中のスリップってチューブトップみたいにして着るか分かりますか?

  6. Sayaka>
    Oh, I am glad you got it!! I can't wait to see it on you!! <3
    My sis wanted it for $40, so I returned it and she bought it!! Great deal!!!