Friday, September 16, 2011

What I bought from the sale..

Happy Friday!! I can't believe it's already Friday!

I don't work, and my husband works at home, so everyday is like a holiday to me. (It'll change when my daughter starts school.. ) I wouldn't know what day it is until EA's Monday post for Anthro sale!! HA-HA!!

Well, everyone in Anthro community is talking about Anthroholic, and I don't know what to say about it. I am just shocked and hard to believe the fact but I guess it really happened, huh..
I am truly sorry for those people who got ripped off.

I am not good at writing, especially in English, so I will just shut my mouth and won't mention it again..

Let's talk about something happy now!

Here are what I bought from Anthro this week!!

Sumerian Belt

It's my belt week!!! Yippie!!

I am obsessed with belts..  some are still full price but they've been out for a long time, so I am hoping they'd get first cut within 14 days!!

And this necklace, that I've had my eyes on went on sale!!

I try not to buy jewelries because I make them by myself, but this was one exception!
Then... finally... I had to buy this jacket online today!!

I had this in my shopping cart since the day it showed up, and size 4 is ALMOST sold out!!

I had to get it before it sells out!! (My size is sold out at my local Anthro already!!)

I am usually size 0 or 2 in dresses, I tried 2 and 4 a while ago, and I think 4 fits me better. (size 2 was a bit too short for me)

I hope Anthro won't send me wrong size or defected item.. I am sure when I receive it, it'd be sold out online!!

What did you get this week???


  1. I know. The whole Anthroholic thing makes me kind of sad too. I really loved her blog! Love the flower belt!

  2. 旦那さんが在宅勤務で羨ましい限りです!!私も同じネックレスをゲットしました!!(その他、靴を買いました~)Sumerian Beltとジャケットも良いね~!!

  3. Katt>
    Anthroholic was the largest source to my blog. I'd have to thank for that! And yeah, I loved her blog too!

    ネックレス、お揃い~♪ コレはショップで見つけたときから狙ってたの★