Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oops I did it again..

Okay, I wasn't going to buy anything from the sale but you know I have been wanting to buy SOMETHING!

I went to my local Anthro and these are what I got..

 Tomato Picking Skirt

 Wavy Cables Cardigan

Oh yes. I feel great!! I just needed some retail therapy!!

I've been checking Ruche but the dresses I want aren't restocked yet.. and not sure when..

The main thing I wanted from the sale was..

Cissus Button-Up, Gingham

I didn't ask SA to search for it but I looked through sale room I didn't see it... There were over 99 in stock online but paying for $7 is pain in the butt.. hmm..
Around 5pm today, the stock went down to 20 +

ummm... I want it... should I get it... umm...

Then I found a pair of Crystal Pattern Clogs pop back in my size!! 

Oh, I'm just so happy!

Did I order them??

Yes! Of course!!!

20 dollars, baby!!


Dress & Shoes: Anthropologie
Cardigan & Tee: Japan
Sweater Guard & Belt: Vintage
Inner Skirt: Handmade
Earrings: TanPoPo


  1. I also went to the store looking for the gingham shirt and they didnt have any! I bought the same sweater as you only in pink. Its really cozy.

  2. hey LC long time no see! I was wondering how you are doing! You haven't posted since the Missoni! I had no luck on them.. but it's okay.. I had a debate if the shirt worth the money or not.. but I don't have anything like that and I really like the color, plus, washable!, so I went for it!!
    Can't wait to see you in the sweater too!!

  3. I ordered that sweater in navy last week, debating whether to keep it. I like the chunkiness... I have those shoes too! My puffy pregnant feet won't let me wear them yet. :( This week I found the Fyn clogs on popback--yay!

  4. I ordered the Wavy Cables Sweater too. In Navy like Terrie. I didn't like it though. Back it went. Great deal on the Clogs. I hardly ever see Pop Backs anymore. But I did grab a pair of Astrisk Booties by Chie Mihara this morning in 39. It was a Pop Back on the sale page. Someone must have returned a full price pair they hadn't worn yet. So I hope they are OK.

    I also ordered the Fatigue Finery Cape on 2nd cut. Do you think it will get a 3rd cut? It's not selling well because of some very stupid reviews. It's an awesome cape. I tried it on at the Santa Monica Store and loved it. So what a deal down from $300 to $80. I got my happy on with a bit of retail therapy too.

  5. Terrie>
    I never tried on the navy, but was interested! The order was shipped this morning! I am really excited!
    When is the due? I miss having a newborn in the house... They are soooo tiny!!!
    Oh and my feet were super puffy too! lol

  6. Laura>
    I hardly see pop back anymore either.. since my wishlist are filled w really old items. I like older pieces better.. from 2010 or 2009... I wish I knew Anthro back then.

    The cape, I think it is cute but there are other coat that I am attracted, but living in CA.. dont really require those.. They might get 3rd cuts by tag sale.

  7. Congratulations on your awesome finds Keiko chan!! Happy to hear you found some great deals!! I tried the Crystal Pattern Clogs when they were still around $49??, but didn't work for me....I know they will look pretty on you!! They are gorgeous clogs.And only $20!! That's sooo cheap!! BTW I love your ootd. Looking cute!!

  8. I got the tomato picking skirt and the cissus top, too! I've been waiting FOREVER for those to go on sale. Not sure I'll keep the cissus, though...the gape in the buttons is pretty severe.

  9. I love that slip-skirt you made, that's peeking out from under the dress. It's adorable and really changes the way that outfit looks. Haha, can I order one from you? ;) Otherwise, I'll have to keep a lookout for something similar that I can use that way...I certainly don't have the sewing skills otherwise.

  10. sayaka>
    ha ha! $20 for shoes... can't resist!! I am thinking to wear them with tights!! Can't wait to try them on!!

  11. JG>
    Yeah, I noticed your post on EA! I wasn't going to get the skirt when I saw it in store, but I tried it on the other day and it looked cute! and more than anything.. it's washable!!!

  12. Carol>
    I made the slip skirt when I was pregnant.. in Japan. I didn't have sewing machine (and I still don't..), so it took forever to make!! lol I wanted it to last long, so I sew it really neat. I will show you in the next post!!

    All I did was to put some lace on a slip I had in my closet, though.

    I wanted to make another one, so I went to check fabric store the other day, but they didn't have the lace I was looking for.

    Next time, I will search more carefully! If I find something that would work, I will let you know!! I want to make some more for myself, too! (I'll use my sis-in-law's sewing machine and that'd be quick!!