Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruche + ModCloth

I want to shop so bad...

I know I am not supposed to.. but.. I want new dresses! I don't know what I want.. I just want to buy something!!

Have any of you felt that way before???

Since I don't really have anything I love from Anthropologie this summer, I was surfing EA trade market and ebay.

I found these..

 Catmint Dress

 Study of Shapes Dress

I "think" I want them... If you have those dresses in size 2 sitting in your closet, let me know!!

Anthro has many beautiful pieces but most of them are "Dry clean Only"... sigh...

Maybe it's time to see what other stores offer!

From Ruche...

Found couple of things I want!!

Unfortunately, my size in those are out of stock... I am hoping they will restock them soon!!

From ModCloth, I found these.

I want all of them!!!!!!!! >.<


  1. bow tieのブラウスかわいい!!今年はこの形のブラウスがどこでも爆発的に売れているよね。

  2. うんうん。レトロな感じがたまらない~~♪