Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wanted: Reed Shirtdress Blue or Red Plaid size 4

Does anyone have Reed Shirtdress in Blue or Red Plaid sitting in your closet?????????

And happened to be size 4!!?????

Can I have it!!??? for reasonable price!!??? :D


I normally wear size 2, Small.. but from reviews of the dress, I think I should get size 4.
I wear size 0 in some dresses, though.. Would I fit in size 2????

If any of you own the dress, please let me know the fitting advice!!
I found size 2... so if I can't find size 4, and maybe.. I'd fit in size 2 better.. ??


  1. Hi -- I think you would fit a size 2 based on your reviews. I have a size 2 dress (sorry I'm not selling it) and it was a tad bit snug but completely wearable when I was 115lbs (I'm 5 ft 1.5 in or 156cm...I lived in Tokyo for a few years and got used to metric) but now at 108lbs it fits if not a little loose.

  2. hi!! Thanks for your advice!! I read all the reviews but still can't figure out.. I am 5'7" 124lbs 36B 27" or 28" right now.
    But when I am done breast feeding my daughter, my boobs will shrink and I'll loose some weight ( I'm hoping lol )

    I wish I knew about this dress when they were selling in the store!!

  3. There is a size 2 on ebay right now...also, Lands End Canvas had a similar dress last year, its very cute too! Hope this helps!

  4. Vikki>
    Thank you for your comment! Yeah, the NWOT dress on ebay is in my watch list right now.
    I don't see anything attractive in recent Anthro, so I am hoping next few month, they will have something really awesome..