Friday, October 21, 2011

Washable Wanted

Wow, the last post was on Oct 4th... I've been super lazy!! I hope someone out there is still checking this blog...

On the last post, I was searching for Reed Shirtdress Blue plaid. I had some offers from sweet EA community members but I ended up buying it off ebay. I am still waiting for it to arrive.

I have been good this past weeks. No shopping at Anthropologie or any other stores!

I recently found out (yes I am that stupid) that I hardly ever wear nice clothes anymore. Especially ones that need to be dry cleaned.

I go out with my daughter everyday. To the parks, to the malls, to ... everywhere. And my daughter likes to play (of course) and she just grabs my clothes and when I hold her, her shoes rubs my clothes.. and I do not want to worry about my clothes when I am playing with her.
plus, I don't go to work. I work at home (make jewelries..:P )

So.. I don't need nice clothes!! All I need is cute clothes that are WASHABLE!

From now on... I am only shopping clothes that say "hand wash" or "machine wash" exclude Jackets and Outers!!!!!


  1. When my son was little, I did the same thing. I bought only cotton clothing that was Machine Wash/Tumble Dry and didn't need much ironing.

    Who has time to iron or money to waste on dry cleaning in college with a small child. But now I wear anything I want. I never get truly dirty, so I use the Dryel System for the Home Dryer. It's cheap, handy, and can be done right at home. Even comes with a stain removing solvent. But I found out the hard way not to use it on Silk. It took a patch of color out of my Corey Lynn Calter Backswept Dress. I neglected to do the color fast test on a hidden part of my dress. My Bad. Hope you are doing well. And I understand the lazy posting issue. I went 10 days with no post.

  2. Laura>
    Guess we all go through that time, huh! And one day.. I can shop like you, I hope! You are my dream woman!
    Home dryer??? That's interesting. I will google it later!! and I am sorry for your silk dress... I hate it when that happens!!