Saturday, October 29, 2011


Happy Saturday!! Isn't it awesome that Anthro has another Free Shipping over $100 promo!??? I wish they offered that all the time!!!

So, the other day at my local Anthro, I found this jacket.

Oh-My.. I already have something similar, but I want it!!

I think, I have a thing of "plaid" and "ruffle"...

I also want these.. (and they are all washable!! )

I've wanted a simple skirt, and there it is!! I tried it on the other day, and it was perfect! It fits TTS and hit just above knee! 

I haven't tried this yet because I thought it wasn't washable.. but I found out it IS, so I am gonna try it on next time!!!

I saw this at my local Anthro, then saw it on Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie, and loved it more!! Went to try it on, and loved it!! Fits TTS!

I don't really need a big coat.. It doesn't get that cold where I live.. but I tried it on after I saw it on Sayaka's Blog, Happily Ever Anthro , and fell in love.. Perhaps, my husband will buy it for Christmas present?? lol oh but I want boots instead.. hmm.. If I were in Japan, I'd wear it every winter!!(This isn't washable btw..)

This.. is beautiful, I think. I haven't seen it in store yet, maybe I missed it. I was just looking through Anthro site and found this. I should try it on next time!!
I saw this on Liz from Behind the Dressing Room Door and made me want to try other colors too!!

I thought this was "Dry Clean Only" but it's not!!! I want it I want it I want it I want it!!! But only if.... it gets another cut.../sigh

I bought this online with boots purchase before, but my normal size, S, was too big, so I returned it. Not sure if I like the puffy shoulder, but maybe on XS, it'd look better??

Looks comfy!!! I haven't seen it in store, but I am sure it's around somewhere!!

This reminds me of Emma from Glee. Love the secretary look.. a-nd washable! DING!

The items I thought I want... but they are the "Dry Clean Only" .. /sigh.. again..

GAH.... How am I gonna afford all that!!?? AND boots!??


  1. I am totally loving lace this season too. I purchased the camellia blouse on was too pretty to give up. I've been eyeing the pleated pointed skirt as well but haven't tried it on yet.シンプルなスカートってありそうでなかなかないんだよね〜!! I think the Tartan blazer will look great on you!! It's totally your style!! I can't wait to see you wearing some of the items!!私も出稼ぎに出ないとお金が持ちませ〜ん(笑)

  2. I also have my eye on the Camellia blouse...but I need a second cut too I think. It's so cute!

  3. Sayaka> I can't wait to see you in the blouse!! I am sure you'll make me want to just get it right away... Anthro.. please please pleeeeeeeeease give it a second cut ASAP!! lol

  4. Jenni> I know, right!? It's little too pricy for me still.. I hope everyone to be patient til 2nd cut... so it won't sold out before I reach it!! haha