Monday, November 28, 2011

BF Sale Haul!!

Everyone's curious what everyone bought from BF sale..

Before I share what I bought.. I am desperately seeking...

Tweed Magnificent Sash S/M


and if you have one for me, please let me know!! (for sale price or less!!)

I hate crowds and I never liked going out on Black Friday.. but like for most of you, this year was an exception for me, too!!

 Anthro's email said ALL SALE ITEMS!!

50% OFF ALL sale items!? That's 75% off regular price!!!!!!

Everyone thought it was going to be clothing only, and I wasn't gonna go crazy since there aren't many "love" items in the sale room right now, but  ALL SALE ITEMS!! ?? 

I received BF sale email from several retail stores... but I had NO interests in spending $$ but Anthro!!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family (big dinner party! about 20 people in mah family!! and that's not all of them! ), and came home around midnight. I was exhausted and my daughter was asleep already. (Had so much sugar and fun with cousins!) so I set the alarm to 2:45am and 5:25am, then fell fast asleep...

zzzz..  I woke up from the first alarm, checked my shopping bag online. Then woah, the price was already marked down! Oh NOOOOO!!

I placed order right away.( but two of them were cancelled today.. cry cry..)

Woke up again at 5:25am, sneaked out the apt and drove to my local Anthro. When I arrived there, there were about 5 people waiting.
At the opening time, there were already 30+ people!!

So, these are what I bought!! (Price shown is the original price)

 Fractal Medallion Maxi $158

I had this dress in my wishlist, I tried it on, and oh wow, it's soooooo pretty!! I think I am going to wear this to Christmas Party!!

 Pansy Corset Trench $198

I didn't think they'd still have it in my size, but they DID! Yippie!! I saw this trench on Quinn (Glee) the other day, and thought it's cute, and on BF, I saw someone wearing it and it was REALLY cute!! 

 Ruched Marigold Coat $248

Another great find! It's amazing they still had my size! <3 <3
I probably prefer the Harvested Honey Coat, though..

 Trinket Flats,Key $98

Trinket Flats, Knots $98

I bought the orange/red a week ago, and love the fit!! Since I am a mom and don't get to wear heels that much, these flats will help me be cute still!!

Online order, 25%OFF

 Spotted Satchel $268
 Woven Saddle Boots $278


 High-Tied Boots $268

Parquet Heels $168 

Steep Buckle Moto Boots $258

Yesterday's Paper Newsboy $48

Before the sale day, I asked my husband how much I can spend for my Christmas present (from him) and he said buy whatever I want. ( oh he doesn't know what he's getting into!!! lol ) He probably meant one item ..

I spent too much..

Last night, my husband was looking at the bank statement (Oh no! Don't look!!)
I told him I will pay him back later (yeah like I don't make money...) but he said I don't have to pay him back!! WOOOOHOOOO!

Love love love love LOVE ANTHRO!!!



  1. SO JEALOUS!!! I didn't know about this sale... that's incredible! I love everything you got, especially the coats. You practically bought a whole new wardrobe! Score! :)

  2. Great finds! I wore the Fractal Medallion maxi for Thanksgiving--it barely fit over my bump, but I love it! I spent way too much too--same thing, DH told me to go I did. I almost ordered some of the things you did--shoes especially, but I decided to get the Whipstitched Boots and mostly a bunch of sweaters and slips. We'll see which items show up this week!

  3. Great finds Keiko. I just haven't been able to get excited over Anthro's boot collection this year. It's just not the same without the girly details of Miss Albrights boots. Why shoes, but no boots.

    You will love your Pansy Corset Trench. I grabbed mine 30% off weeks ago, then got a PA for 50% off.

    I hope you love your Hubby more than Anthro. What a generous and thoughtful man.

  4. Megan> Aw!! Don't worry!! Tag sale is coming next month!!! I hope they'd offer 50% off this year!! Oh that's gonna be insane!!! @.@

    Terrie> Thanks for the belts!! I am really excited!! Yeah, I was thinking about the Whipstitched Boots too!! There are so many to choose from!! Even after I bought so many pairs this year, I still have two pairs that I want... I am sick!! Do you think they'll have another sale tomorrow???

    Laura> Awesome!! We can be twins in the trench!! I know what you mean about the girly detail.. I prefer the last year over this year too!!
    And of course I love my hubby more than Anthro!! (I guess? lol)

  5. You found some great stuff Keiko chan!! Whoot Whoot!! Your going to love love the saddle boots, they are SO comfy!! I bought the hat on-line too :) 横のリボンのかわいらしさに負けて(笑)でも帽子ってかぶらないと分からないから、もしかしたら返品かも〜I hope it works out for you too!! I love the gold coat too!! Your tall so I'm sure it will look super cute on you!!

  6. Wow, you got some majorly good scores! I got the high-tied boots too- so excited!

  7. You have a lovely blog Keiko, I am following you. My husband is Japanese and we live in Sicily but at the moment we are in Rome. Have a nice day!

  8. Lots of boots! Sounds and looks like you had a blast :)

  9. Hello, Anthro score! The pansy coat is lovely!

  10. Sayaka>
    Haha! You bought the hat too, huh! Yeah, I wanna try it on, then if it doesn't look good on me, I will return it.. There weren't many clothing that I love this year, but I am just crazy about boots and belts. (I didn't get belts from sale but bought some from Blog friend!)

    Last year, I missed out some boots that I wasn't sure about, then later I wanted them so bad that I still regret not getting them. I am not gonna do that again!!

    Thank you :)My blog is mainly about shopping.. Ive never been to Rome before!! Sounds romantic!! Is it cold there??

    Hee Hee! I know. Like I said to Skippy, last year, I missed out couple boots and I am still thinking about them. So, here I go.. I just get what I want!! And if they don't work, then I will return! :)

    I know!! I can't believe I didn't want it before! It is soooo cute!! One of my favorite items I bought this year!

  11. Ugh I hate that I missed this sale :( I love all your items...super jealous right now.


  12. Ly>
    There will be another big sale at Anthro end of the year!!!

  13. You scored some awesome stuff girl! Great snags! If you ever see me at Anthro again make sure to say hi!!! =)