Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fluted Ponte Dress xoxo

This last two days, I went to Anthro at their opening time. (Like Black Friday, I sneaked out while my daughter was asleep)
I bought the most of the items on Tuesday but still felt something was missing, so I went back on Wednesday morning!! I would love to spend hours in the store but if my daughter wakes up and bugs my husband, I'll be in trouble, so I had to make it short as much as possible.

I was going to sleep in this morning, but I woke up at 7am as usual. I could have gone to Anthro again (see how crazy I am??) but instead, I had some fashion show with my new items!!

Oh and I love all those leather bags I purchased this season!!
I am not a bag person. I don't have time to change bags everyday! I mostly carry around my black Gucci bag and that's good enough for me but the sale prices were really tempting me and they are BEAUTIFUL. I just had to have them!!

I think the necklace I made goes well with this dress!!!
The problem with this necklace is that it doesn't stay still. Like when I put jacket over it, I will have to keep the necklace in position in front of mirror. I want to test the necklace more before I can list these necklaces in my shop!

And these are my new favorite looks!!

AG Farrah Skinny with boots!! They are super comfortable!!

I bought couple more boots online today.. I had to call CS to get price adjustments because they were pop backs and didn't show up the 50%OFF promotion with them. The CS told me the 50%OFF promo lasts until December 31st!! OMG!!

There aren't many things left in the sale section online... Is there gonna be another mark down next week???


  1. A bunch of new items were marked down today! My office is closing early, apparently, so I'll be making my way to an Anthro to check out a few new pieces.

    Love the fluted ponte!

  2. I haven't bought a single pair of boots this Winter Keiko. I look at them, and I suddenly miss Miss Albright's boots. Those are my favorite.

    The Fluted Ponte looks beautiful on you. It had a weird sag under the arms when I tried it on in New York.

    Try using Spray Starch on the necklace. Pin the necklace to the top of an Ironing board and coat it sparingly. Let dry in between coats. That will stiffen it up. That's what I have to do with my Mother Handmade Tatted lace.

    Merry Christmas to you and your Daughter!

  3. Kawaii!! The lace collar necklace is really perfect with the dress!! (You can't tell it's a necklace just by looking at the picture) I like the first jacket on you too. The ruffles and plaid are super cute!!

  4. Hi there! I am so happy I came across your site (your reader outfit on EA is my new obsession!!). Did you make your necklace? If so, would you consider selling one to me? It looks beautiful with that dress! I look forward to coming to this blog often! :)

  5. Laura> I tried the spray starch on necklace!! They look much nicer!! Thank you for your advice! <3 <3

    Aubrey Joy>
    Thank you :)
    I am making another necklace and will post about it soon! Maybe by then I will be able to start selling those necklace in my shop or maybe blog only.. Will let you all know when it's ready!