Wednesday, December 28, 2011


These items are already returned/shipped!!

Hello! I shopped so much since BF.. and I have some that are wrong sizes and I am going to return.
But some of the items are popular items, so I was wondering if anyone wants to buy it off me for the price I paid (25~50% off sale) plus shipping and +$3  (I found out that when I receive money through paypal, they charge fee!!)  Just found out they don't charge fee like Etsy transaction!!

Eyelet Peplum Blouse Red/Green/White size 2    $32.38 each (+ $5)

I needed size 0!! ><

Feeling Seas Top Navy S $16.18 (+$5)

I needed M and found it the other day!

Camellia Blouse XS  ---found new home and already shipped out!
This was purchased with 25%coupon but I found S for myself later, so I am returning this XS.

Let me know if you are interested!!


  1. Hi Keiko!

    Just a thought for you on this... PayPal charges 3.5% for purchases through websites like Etsy, but for "PayPal Personal", there is no fee! So if someone wants to buy from you via your blog, for example, just have them send the payment to your email address via PayPal > Send Money > Personal > Other. Then you get to keep every penny!

    I just love your sense of style! It's super fun to get to see the items you pick out, even if they are the ones you need to return. :)

  2. ohhh really!? that's awesome! Didn't know that :) Thanks Charlotte!

  3. I need that Feeling Seas top in medium too! I ordered the green--so disappointing that the small doesn't fit!

  4. Terrie, I know! I went to the store on the day, after ordering them online, and tried them on and found out that M fit better! They had green but didn't have navy..
    I had navy in M pop back later but it was cancelled. Then, found it on the last day of 50% promo!!! I'll keep my eyes on Green for you!

  5. Hi Keiko! Interested in your Camellia blouse, please contact me at

  6. hey!!!if you ever get tired of the Dog Rose Pullover please let me know.

  7. Teej>
    Hey hey! I was actually wearing it with Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt today!! If I ever see it in store, I will put it on hold for you! Or ever got tired of it....