Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent purchases

Happy Holidays, ladies!!

I've been busy getting together with family and friends!! Too many parties and too much drinks! I am sick!!

Anthropologie is offering 30%off sale items since after Christmas but I already bought what I wanted when they had 25%off! Why aren't they offering 50%!?? BOO!

So, I've been avoiding going to the store. I am too tired to go shopping!! That's RARE!

Anyways, I bought couple of items online. I decided I don't need any more clothes, besides dresses, and I am hoping to shop less next year! (Don't I say it every December?? lol )

I bought Plush Stole on Black Friday and I realized how awesome these warm, fancy scarves are!!
If you are thinking about getting it, you should!!

Well, I haven't tried this Fronded Pom Scarf yet, so I can't say, but doesn't this look so cute!??
When I receive it in the mail, I will write review!! 

I am secretly a belt collector and  Reflected Buckle Belt was a must have for me when it came online. 
I saw it over Lace Cables Pullover on a mannequin at my local store and I just had to have it.

I ordered it my normal size but I am a bit worried if I should have ordered size M... finger crossed!

Ruffled Carbonella Scarf is another awesome winter scarf that I could pair it with any outfit and make it fabulous!
Seriously, it's worth it! Buy it when you can!!!!

I've been wanting my initial necklace, and Twig Monogram Collector's Charm would make a perfect necklace! 
I saw this in the local store before appeared online and I almost bought it!!
Glad it went on sale already!

I bought the yellow version last year but I let it go since it was a bit big for me. 
I did not know I needed XS.. 
And when I saw Pleated Ponte Dress online, I really wanted it! in XS!!
Too bad it's Dry Clean Only...  I am going to wash in the net, though!!!

I actually bought Dashed Gilt Brocade Dress for my friend in Japan. 
I couldn't find it at my local store. Is it online only?? I really want to try this on. 
If it's reeeeeally cute like the model shot, I want to own one, too!

How was your Christmas?? 
Did you get lots of presents??
Did you give lots of presents?

This is what I bought for myself! 


To buy this.. I had to return couple coats I bought this winter.. lol

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party Outfits

5 more days until Christmas!!!

Did you finish Christmas shopping?? 
Did you get Christmas gift for yourself?? :D

Ha Ha!! I did!!

I mean, I bought a new bag for myself. I ordered it online with gift wrapping!! Just for me!!
I will share what it is after Christmas!! 

I was thinking outfit for party tomorrow. And I have another one on Christmas.
Both are family-relatives parties.
I really wanted to use Christmas color, and these are what I came up with!!

Wavy Cables Cardigan, Fanned Snakeskin Heels
On the right: Cloud Art Dress, Boutonniere Belt,

After talking to my friends, I decided I am wearing the red dress outfit tomorrow, and the other on Christmas.

What about you?? Did you already decide what you are going to wear???

Monday, December 17, 2012


Wow, it's Monday already!!
Anthropologie is offering free shipping aaaaaand some new shoe markdowns!!

There are couple pairs I have my eyes on..

Here are the list

Since I want more than a pair... I require extra 50% with it. lol as usual.. sigh..
I am really really REALLY hoping they will offer something crazy before or after Christmas like last year! 

Ok, ladies.. I am sharing these with you but please don't buy them.. I'd be sad if they sell out before I get to buy. lol 

I went to a Christmas Party yesterday, and this is what I looked like!!
I wanted to dress more Christmas-y, but I was invited a day before, and this is what I came up with.. 

I have three more parties, possibly four... 
What should I wear!!????

Noon & Night Dress,
Garment District Blazer,
Sparkle & Fade Ruffle Sleeve Lace Blouse,
Steep Buckle Moto Boots  

Opalescent Garland Necklace.... I love this, but after wearing this couple hours, it broke. :(
I mean, one of the stone came off. :( :(
I could glue it back on, but I'll go check my local store and see if they could exchange it. 

I wore boots because it was non fancy party. It was more for little kids to get together, meet Santa, sing and dance together!!
My daughter had loooooots of fun!!

What are you going to wear for your Christmas Parties??

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Happy Weekend!

I have been a bit busy this week and I am a bit tired... I am hoping to stay home and relax today, but it's probably impossible with 4 year old, huh!!

I'd like to share my outfits before she wakes up! LOL

Scarborough Jacket similar here
Night Shade Top similar here

Wightwick Manor Dress, 
Loose Rein Boots, Urban Outfitters Belt

Prized Rose Peep-Toes, Gucci Sukey Hobo

Puckered Plaid Trench, Rainy Day Pullover,
Anticipation Heels,
Mustard Scarf similar here

Did you buy anything with Anthro's $25 off $100 promo??
I was going to my local store after I drop my daughter at school, but instead, I had a branch with my husband.

I am trying to stay away from Anthro until better sale but I couldn't resist...
I ordered couple items online...

I hope I don't get any cancellation or.. lost package..

And here are the Thuesday and Friday Obento~!!

I made Butternut Squash Rissoto Balls, added Cheddar Cheese balls inside.
Deli ham & mashed potato roll, and some sweet corns and seedless grapes :)

Umebosi rice rapped with seaweed, cheese&ham rolls, Teriyaki meatballs, and Butterfly Apples.

Have  wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anthro Reviews

Happy Tuesday!
It was pretty warm yesterday, but it's brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr today!

My daughter somehow said she wanted to go to Anthropologie with me this morning... lol
So we did!!

And here, I have some reviews to share!

Vanga Vintage Kantha Dress
I found this dress on the side of dressing room. Someone must have returned it.
I am wearing M and I think my regular size S would fit me better.
If anyone wants this dress, email me, so I can give you the store number. :)

Skien Coat
They did not have any more size S, so I am wearing size M in the photo. I saw this in the show window last month and I fell in love.
It was the first time I tried on today, and I would love to own this coat. But really... it needs to get another cut or something!

Callum Tweed Coat
I am wearing 2, TTS. This coat is unique and I like it except.. the fur.
The fur is cheap material, looking. I wouldn't want to pay over $100 for this.
The front leather is very stiff. Other than that, it's a cute coat!

Stitched Loma Coat
Tried on size 2, TTS. Another Tracy Reese coat! I personally like last year version or Plaid Refresh Coat.
It's a beautiful piece, though.. just not for me.

Argyle Intarsia Cardigan
I am wearing 2, TTS. I love the pattern and the color, but feeling of the material is a bit cheap, and bit itchy. I can't believe this is Dry Clean Only. Maybe on the tag it says hand wash? I need to check the cardigan again next time!

Check out other sweater reviews HERE.

I didn't get anything, though! I decided I am going to wait until Christmas sale!
Did you buy something from new markdowns??

Saturday, December 8, 2012

OOTDs and Bento Box

Good morning!
I have a guest from last night and he is still there sleeping next to my daughter! Well, he is still 12!

She was so excited last night that her cousin was staying all night, but she fell asleep while he went for a run with my husband. (They played with Lalaloopsy for hours before that!)
She must have been exhausted from unusual event!

Recent Outfits

 Brushed Lace Pullover similar here,
 Daughters of the Liberation Trousers,
 Kirklees Sweater Coat,
 Spotted Sawtooth Flats,
Transatlantic Bag, Plush Stole

 Split Diamonds Shift (From EA!), 
Engla Trench,

Adare Anorak similar here, here, here and here
Recurring Theme Skirt (from EA!)

Both Split Diamonds Shift and Recurring Theme Skirt are from Effortless Anthropologie's Trade Market purchases a while ago. 
I was finally able to take photos of me in them!! 
I love them so very much! Thank you!

And here are this week's my daughter's lunchs!!

For Thursday, she already has vegetable soup at school, so it's more like dessert.
Little sausages became octopus and the face..fried rice wrapped with thin fried egg with cheddar cheese ears, seaweed eyes and mouth, and ketchup cheeks :)
And of course, the bunny apples. <3

For Friday, fried Udon with thin cut onion and chikuwa, and LOTS OF LOVE! (Cheddar cheese)

Have a wonderful weekend!!