Friday, January 13, 2012

New Dresses Reviews

Last week, I ordered three dresses and they finally arrived yesterday!!

Well, I'd love to share my thoughts but I am not good at writing.. especially in English, so if you want any question about these dresses, ask me!! 

I am 5'7" 125lbs, normally 2, S, sometimes 0, XS in dresses, Bust 34B or 36 A

Sweet Enticement Dress $118

 The color was dark navy than true black. Fits TTS. I am wearing size 2. I have a long torso and the dress waist is way up high but I love it. :) And the back detail is just gorgeous!

Brushed Terra Dress $148

The photos above, I am wearing size XS and wearing size S in the bottom ones.

Some review say size down, and some say TTS, so I wasn't sure which one I should get. They both fit but I like the fit in S better. XS is more like Urban Outfitters Dress fit.
This dress is machine washable, and the fabric look like it may shrink a bit... so I think getting S is safer.

Oh and I like the length in S better than XS!

Dropped Dots Dress $158

The photos above, I am wearing size 2 and wearing size 4 in the bottom ones.

I tried this dress at my local Anthro before and I tried size 0, there was no way to fit in..

This dress... is little difficult to pick right size. Either way, I couldn't zip all the way to the top by myself (Zipper is back and the last 1 inch is really hard to push or pull) I will need my husband's help.

I like the size 2 look in the photo but fit is like wedding gown.. I don't think I can eat anything with it..
But then size 4, the bottom part is way too puffy!

I ordered size 2 and went to exchange to size 4 but.. I may have to exchange it to 2 again! But to wear size 2.. I have to loose some fat on my belly.. hmm..


These boots.. are.... lovely!!


  1. I think the dropped dots dress is so pretty, especially the back - but it really makes it feel less special when you need to get help into or out of it, and then if it isn't completely comfortable!

  2. Lisa> Agree. I love all of those dresses so much that I had to buy them before they hit sale!! And they are all washable!! I feel completed and don't feel like shopping anymore. (Well, I know I will but you know what I mean. lol )

  3. Those boots are so cute!! Is it a new purchase? I love the ribbons on the size. All the dresses look lovely on you!! The last dot dress I agree...I couldn't fit into my normal 0 (胴回りがきつくてあまり伸縮性がないよね?!)Sweet Enticement の後ろの刺繍がかわいいね。夏までずっと着れそうなのがまた良い!!

  4. Terrie> They are Anthro's Carlet Bow Boots! I ordered them online when they hit on sale!! They are much cuter in person than website!!

  5. Sayaka>
    やっぱり!?? なんか最近甘いもの食べ過ぎて太ってるから、おなかきついのかな・・と思ってたの 笑 サイズ4に交換してもらったんだけど・・・やっぱ2にしようかな・・と悩み中・・明日またAnthroに行って両方着比べてみる~@
    おなか痩せたら2でいいし・・もう、ほんとに悩んでるの・・ リネンだから洗濯したら少し縮むかなぁ??
    明日一緒にAnthroきて~! 笑

  6. wow- the detail photos are so helpful! The sweet enticement dress looks lovely on you- I'm glad to hear a positive review, since most don't seem to have good luck with this one. I love the simple cotton and the lace back detail.

    The polka dot dress is an odd cut, but looks great on you- love the shape in the back!

  7. thatdamngreendress>
    Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
    I went to Anthro again to try the size 2 again today, but yeah, I can't zip so I am keeping size 4! I love these three dresses! Can't wait to wear them out!!

  8. I'm eyeing that Brushed Terra dress too. It's cute!

  9. Rose> The dress is so soft and comfy!!