Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay.. Now I am crazy.

Yay for another Anthro sale day!!

My daughter was up til 4 am again... Sigh.. She asked for some apple, a glass of cold water, and a cup of warm milk.. oh and a bowl of white rice at 1 in the morning...

I've been trying to fix her time schedule for weeks!!
We went on a hike last week, so then she could get back to her regular schedule. That night, she fell asleep at 10, YAY but woke up at 1 and stayed up all night... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

But good thing about her sleeping til noon is that I can sneak out for shopping. lol I know I need to sleep more but I just can't miss out great Anthro sale!

Since I bought so much with extra 50%OFF last month, I don't have many clothes that I want from last season anymore. But shoes.... there are couple pairs I MUST have.. and YES! They went on sale!!!

Here is what I bought!!

I bought four pairs of Trinket Flats last month.. and had to have these too!!

They make everyday outfits look stylish!! I wear a pair of pants/jeans, a top and a jacket to go to the park with my daughter, but with those cute flats, I feel pretty!!

So, I am done shopping for winter clothing. I started to look around the new items at Anthro, and I actually tried on some of those beautiful dresses that I found yesterday. (Yes, I was there yesterday too!! lol)

Holy O'ly! I love love love looooooooove those dresses!!

First, I tried on the Brushed Terra Dress that I saw on Sayaka the other day.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! I wanted to try XS but they didn't have it, so I tried on S (my usual size). It fit fine but I am still not sure if I'd fit better in XS??

Then, the Sweet Enticement Dress and Dropped Dots Dress.

Both of them are MUCH MUCH cuter than I thought!!!
They are both TTS for me!
And all of the above are WASHABLE!!

I had a 25%OFF online coupon...

HA-HA! I ordered all of the dresses and the flats and some more boots this morning!!

I really have to stop shopping after this!! And I believe I have ENOUGH clothes and shoes now.

This year, I will............

Only shop my closet!! (Maybe I can buy one item per month? :D )
Have my daughter go to bed early and get up early!!
Put make up on more often!

How long do you think I can keep this promise???

What did you ladies purchase lately???



  1. Keiko chan I love that shirt on you!! And the hat is adorable!! I also ordered the bow buckle flats in orange this morning :) I originally wanted the yellow but they were sold out in my size so I got the orange. I've never tried it on so we'll see how it fits...some of the reviews say they run small?! And YAY for 25% off and the dresses you bought!! 参考になって嬉しいです!I LOVE the polka dot dress.セールになったら欲しいな、と思っているドレス♩届いたらぜひ感想を聞かせてね〜!娘ちゃんの睡眠サイクルも大変だね(涙)年末に色々と行事が重なると余計に乱れてしまうんだよね、、、頑張ってね!!

  2. Last time I tried on the flats, they were TTS on me!

  3. if your daughter is awake that much, then you DESERVE to buy all of thos clothes and shoes! good for you! i love that sweet enticement dress!

  4. two birds>
    Thank you for saying so!! I take her out to the park everyday and play WITH her for about two hours.. run around, play balls, play sands, etc..
    Now she goes to bed around midnight.
    I am almost there!!!