Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recent purchases and OOTDs

Unfortunately, nothing I wanted went on sale today. I was hoping for some PAs..

I tried these beauty at my local store yesterday. They had the last pair and they were my size!! I was really hoping to see them go on sale today... I have them on hold until tomorrow.. but I think I will just buy them full price because I can't stop thinking about them..

 Foxglove Boots $278

I never saw this blouse online, neither at my store. But I saw it on Inna from Skippy Says last week and I had to have it. Especially because it is "WASHABLE"!! I am sure Inna made many many people fell in love with the blouse!!

 Scalloped Buttondown $78

And last week, I made unusual online purchase! I ordered these tops at Modcloth!

This was my third order from them. One was two years ago, and the next was last year but I ended up returning everything from the order. (Dresses were too short for me)

I will be receiving them in couple days! :)

 A New Perspective Top $35

Pony Tales Top $43

These two are the popbacks that I had to order today!

Here is the OOTDs

I love this dress so much that I had to buy both colors.. They are sooooo comfy!!

Remember this dress?? From 2010??  and these boots!!

Don't forget to enter for the Lace Collar Necklace Giveaway!!

Entry ends tonight!!


  1. The boots are so beautiful....I love them!! 最後の一足がけいこちゃんのサイズって運命だね!!And the maxi looks very pretty on you!!

  2. btw I love the scalloped blouse too!! I wonder if it will come out in other colors too....洗濯オッケーもかなり魅力的だね〜

  3. I have those boots and they are worth every penny! You definitely should buy them. They are one of my all time favorite Anthropologie purchases!

    1. I think I will go to the store tomorrow morning when everyone is sleeping...

  4. Sayaka> Yeah, right!? The last pair was my size.. They were waiting for me..lol
    I just received the blouse today and it fits perfect! (I got size 2)
    If they come with navy, I'd buy it too! (Oh no I am already broke..HELPPPPPPPP)