Sunday, February 12, 2012


I still have almost 4 weeks til visiting my parents in Japan but I already started to pack!!

Maybe some of you remember me packing two months advance last year..

Yes, I hate doing things at last second. I am a person who likes to make plans and prepare in advance, so I don't panic!!

I was thinking what to wear in Japan. For me and for my daughter.

Last year, I made outfits with clothes that I kept at my parents house, but this year, I want to bring some of my Anthro collections!! HA-HA!

But... it'll be sooooooooooooo cold there... I don't want to bring bunch of heavy stuff with me since I am flying alone with my daughter.

I already think up the outfit that I am wearing for the flight!!

Pansy Corset Trench is the main thing I want to bring. The design and patterns are so rare! I don't think I will see anyone wearing anything like it!! And the Tinker flats are what I want to wear with my Fractal medallion Maxi, Blue.

This dress is not only gorgeous, but easy to put on and super comfortable!!

I am also bringing Feeling Seas Top & Knotted Blossoms Beanie to wear with my AG Farrah Skinny.

I want to bring one more Antro top, and maybe a pair of boots. But I have Pebbled & Primped Boots at my parents, so I might not need another. 

I will mainly be at home spending time with my mom at home, so mostly, I will spend in my yoga pants and some randam tops that I left there last year.

And in case it is still freezing in March, I bought The North Face 'Oh Snap' Hooded Down Vest! I wanted a simple outer for the Maxi!! I think this will do it, don't you think??

Okay, which boots should I bring? Or not bring?

Maybe more flats?

And which top should I bring?

Can you think up some cute outfit for cold weather??

Of course, I will have UNIQLO heat tech undershirts!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR!

It was another warm day in CA today. This is what I wore!


  1. I love that leaf necklace! So pretty!

    I have a trip coming up in April. I am already thinking about what to pack, but the actual packing probably won't happen until the night before I leave! I always put it off until the last minute.

    1. Its actually a metal "feather"! I have one more parts if you want one! :)

      My husband is that way... I think a lot of people in the states are.. In fact, my husband hates making plans.. or never do things in advance.. He wakes up in the morning and decide what he feels like to do! He drives me crazy sometimes! haha!

  2. It`s so fun to plan a wardrobe for a trip- making sure everything works together in fun ways. I think with a great pair of jeans you could throw in any of those lovely tops. And definitely another cute pair of boots, like either of the cognac ones ( I love both the cut-outs and the lacing...)

    I usually bring a few patterned scarves `cause they're the best accessories to make an 'outfit'

    1. IT IS! I took my daughter's outfits
      So, I guess I will bring the boots! and scarves!! Good idea! Thank you!!!