Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rainy Day Pullover

Happy Tuesday, ladies!!

I went to Anthro this morning to check out some sales, and was willing to purchase Rainy Day Pullover.

But the store didn't have it yet!! How lame! I want to bring it to Japan!! SA will call me when they receive it. Pleeeeeease please please!! hurry!!

Otherwise, I will have to order it online from Japan. I will keep my eye on it online but it might sell out before I come back! I haven't received free shipping code yet, but if I do.. I want to order the pullover and a pair of sandals!!

I didn't just come home with empty hands!! Here is what I bought today!!

And I had time to have a small fashion show :) It's been a long time since last time!

Did you find anything fabulous??

After posted this.. I found the free shipping code in my gmail!! I placed order for the pullover and the sandals!! YAY!!

Hope it will arrive before I leave!


  1. Yay for Free Shipping!! I'm trying to be good but I most likely will end up taking advantage of the code :) I love the umbrella top!! It's totally you!! I tried on the black peter pan collar top but it looked funny on me (hehe) I think it looks darling on you! Love the way you styled it too. I can't wait to see your new sandals!!

    1. I bought the new Miss Albright sandals in black!! My local store only had yellow, so I figured the black was for online only?? and they don't have many left in stock, so yeah!!

  2. I love all the looks you put together!

    1. thank you! I think I like this top now. lol

  3. I didn't make it over to check out the sale, but love, love, love the umbrella pullover! So cute! Loved how your lace collar necklace looked on you too! =)

    Kristina J.