Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's in my mind..

Hello ladies!!! Did you have sweet Valentine's Day yesterday??  My day wasn't anything different from any other day, but I did say Happy Valentine's Day! to my husband!! LOL

I've been thinking what to wear and what to bring to Japan, as you know.

I finally decided some outfits including the outfit for the flight!!

On Flight

I always feel cold on the plane, so I made some change from the last post!

And these are other outfits!!

It was really fun!! I decided to bring some scarves and the Foxglove boots! Thanks to thatdamngreendress.

And of course.. I've been thinking outfits for my daughter too!!

The first two are for the plane!

It will be REALLY cold!

Okay, I admit I am a bit crazy!! lol

Here is another thing I've been thinking..

Making jewelries!!

I made two pairs of earrings.

And I've been working on Lace Collar Necklaces!

I like the vintage look!!


  1. Thanks!!! never underestimate the power of a good printed scarf!

    On the other hand, a removable lace collar goes a long way towards making an outfit awesome! Gotta get/make/find me one of those!

  2. 日本の3月はやっぱりまだ寒いのかな?3月には長い間帰っていないのでもう忘れてしまったよ。でもレイヤーを持って行けば安心だね。コーディネートアイディアかわいいね。娘ちゃんのお洋服もかわいい(特に花柄と水玉タイツ)!!子供の服も気合いが入っちゃうよね〜

    1. 寒い寒い! って実家京都なんだけど、去年も3月帰ったとき雪降ったし!! しかもCAが暖かいから体が寒いのになれてなくて余計寒く感じたよ~~